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Warranty service VERY BAD


I write from Italy.

I bought this device 2 year ago, it's a fantastic smartphone, but from November 2018 I have only problems, and now is the fourth times that my smartphone is in a repair center, and for two times the device is come back in bad condition compared to before when I sent it.


In the first time (November 2018), I had problems with the battery (caused by Turbocharge), in 10 days it was at home from Motorola Center without problem (okay).


In other times, I see that the smartphone wasn't send to a Motorola Center, but in a "generic center" (is confirm by the shop where I bought the smartphone).

In second time (May 2019), the screen was rising in an angle, but it turn on, was comeback from repair center (10 days) and the smartphone didn't turn on (VERY BAD), I resend it and for the third time, and after 1 month is comeback in the same condition, it doesn't turn on and with the screen rising in an angle (INCREDIBLE).

Now I resend it for the fourth time and the shop is surprise for the many problems that I have with this smartphone and they hope to send me a new unit or replaced unit, but in the few days the warranty is out (24/08).

My fear that they resend me my smartphone in bad condition without the possibility to use it, with the conseguences of to have thrown away the money in the trash, I'm thinking of contacting my lawyers to get compensation.


In my future I don't buy nobody else device from Motorola/Lenovo.


I wrote this message to send a invitation for the other Motorola/Lenovo users, because is not possible have these problems with a smartphone.


Send me a PM if you need information.


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