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Welcome to the Moto Z community!

Hi. This is the forum for Moto Z owners and others who are interested in this phones. The phone should be launching in different regions globally in coming months and we hope to build a community of owners.


There is a ton of information about the phones even now, before launch.

The US web site has information, or see on your region's site. 


What are you seeing? What questions do you have? (OTHER than "when can I buy it?" For that, visit your regional web site and register for updates.) We'll do our best to get answers and build an FAQ here.


- Tom

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Re: Welcome to the Moto Z community!

Should it read "Welcome to the Verizon Moto Z community"?

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Re: Welcome to the Moto Z community!

My Moto Z Force Droid is estimated to be here by 8/10. Based on the order status, it's not looking good. Smiley Sad

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