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Backup to Google Drive - Contacts still waiting.

Tried to use Google > Backup > Backup to Google Drive (ON).  When I use Back UP Now button the display of Active Backups shows all areas are backed-up except Contacts.  Performed several Back Up Now attempts.  All areas that had activety show new Active Backup times except for Contacts.  Contacts shows "Waiting to back up..."    What do I need to change to allow my contacts to be backed up?  (some  setting or missed permission?)


I am new to using MOTO smartphone features.  When a prior phone died my only problem was transferring my contacts. It required several hours of attempts with a broken touch screen to export my contacts. Do not want that problem again.


Thanks, Thumperiii

MOTO Z3 Play / Android PIE

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Senior MotoAgent
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Re: Backup to Google Drive - Contacts still waiting.

Hi Thumperiii

Thanks for posting. Have you tried to turn off "Back up to Google Drive" and turn it on again? For how long does the "Contacts" stay on that message? Can you give us a sample screenshot of the page? Also, go to 
Settings > Accounts > Tap your Google Account > Account Sync. Can you please provide the last synced date of contacts? 


Best regards,
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Re: Backup to Google Drive - Contacts still waiting.

I initially posted this reply hrs earlier today. I saw it displayed on the forum next in line after my first post and a 1st reply. Several hours later my latest post had disappeared. This is a second try at posting.


[Just for record: Phone is using WIFI connection to router for internet access via fast cable service to conduct the Backups.]


Tried your first suggestion: Turned BACKUP = OFF

Displayed Notification: (to the effect) deleting all account info, turning off backups.

Turned BACKUP = ON

Selected acc’t (only one)

Tap Backup Now Button

completion bar near TOP ran about 75% and stopped

Displayed Notification: “Google Play Services Error, Please complete action required by Google Pay” [not Play].

Same result, all backups show as updated (various times) except Contacts (still Waiting to backup).

Did repeat, same result except now all show as Waiting to backup. Checked Contacts setting: Default acct is (my Google account).


Restarted phone. When I opened Backups, now all backups show as backed up except for Contacts.

Repeated actions from System > Backups….. Same result.

New notification that Google Pay needed additional permissions.

Checked or Turned On ‘Contacts and Phone’ permissions ON for Google Pay, Carrier Services, Chrome, Contacts, Google, Drive, Google Play, Google Play Store, MOTO, Photos, Cloud Print, and any other apps I thought may need access for Backups.

Retried Backup. All backups showed times except for Contacts...still waiting.. Did not get any new notifications when the Contacts backup failed. Contacts ...still waiting.


Referred back to your response: checked last auto sync of accounts. All categories show last synced dates from 9/13/19 2:13am thru 9/16/19 12:53pm except Contacts that now shows 9/16/19 2:12am (time of this lookup 9/16/19 10:57pm eastern). App Backups show times from 0 minutes ago to over a day, except Contacts...still waiting. Got screen shot of Notifications. Backup process takes between 3 min 35 sec to 4 min.. Got screen shot of Backup.


Retried Backup. Same result. But new notification: ”Google Play Services error Please complete action required by Contacts”. (finally found Play Services needs Calendar and Contacts) Retried Backups. Still waiting…. No notifications.


Permissions have been added for anything I can think should possibly effect Backups plus for apps that should not have anything to do with Backup. Performed multiple more cycles thru the above steps. Backup progress bar now goes to 100%. Contacts still waiting.


Took screenshots. Some went to Download and some to Screenshots. Trying to figure why & how to send.


I suspect this may somewhere still be an app permissions problem. I do not like tracking and unnecessary dribbling out information for Google’s paycheck. I usually keep my app permissions set at the minimum necessary for the apps I normally use to function.. If I activated other apps I would get a notification an access was needed. (Like the Google Pay notification I received above).


After my latest Backup attempt Contacts displayed “Something went wrong” before changing to the usual “Waiting to backup...”. Several hours later the msg was again “Something went wrong...”


Can you send a list (or link) of the apps and permissions needed for proper backup of Contacts? All other backups except Contacts are performing at my both my prior (limited permissions) and current settings.

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Re: Backup to Google Drive - Contacts still waiting.

Never mind.  Made my own solution to the lack of normal backup for contacts. I exported contacts by converting to a .vcf file and saved the file to my PC and the cloud.  Done.  Everything else already backsup fine.

I reset all the app permissions back to the restricted accesses I prefer.  Google sucks plenty data for their coffers, I provide the least I can.  Camera, mic, location, GPS etc are all turned off whereever I can. Apps that I do not use are turned off / disabled.  They are still installed if I decide to need them.

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