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Paper Tape
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Re: Fingerprint sensor to LOCK

No  logical use of the fingerprint sensor.

No Q4 2018 Android Pie update.

No security update since 10th of november 2018 (!!!) (and I got a retail one, so no middle provider in between!!!).


What a great experience it is to buy a high end Motorola nowadays...


It's been 3 generation of moto mods and since day one it has been mostly abandonned with no real innovative motomod (the camera was a joke, the sound system was nice but mostly the same since day one, and batteries is the level 0 of innovation) not even do we get a strong line of fun shells (they even teased us a nice japan canvas, never been avaliable in EU, nice flowers in India ? Nothing in EU, thanks moto we're stuck with the same 4 shells since the Z1 in EU, thaks so much...). What is moto now ? Some kickstarter dudes who can't deliver at all ? Even a minor shell ? Come on... That's crazy, Android Pie is out for nearly a year in a few weeks and Moto had access to it for more than a year. Everything is so disappointing.


If nothing change on the software side, that's clearly my last Moto.

On the hardware side, I don't have anymore hopes, they can't live with this form factor indefinitely so I assume it is the last generation with this exact size of moto mods and mine will not drag me to the next play (I have 2 shells, 1 QI shell and 2 battery pack the very fat one and the small one who came with the Z3 play)


Punch Card
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Re: Fingerprint sensor to LOCK

You might want to take a look at this post featuring 3D renders of the Z4 Play 


Given the turmoil faced by Moto employees this past year, it's not difficult to figure out why updates for the Z are delayed.

Lenovo/Moto is probably shifting most of their mobile hardware development to Shenzhen, China which is currently the world's centre for mobile hardware fabrication.  If you want to get a sense of where things are going to end up for Moto - simply take a look at the Lenovo line-up.  It's very likely that the Lenovo design will be for Motorola what Oppo phones are to OnePlus.



What's DOS?
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Re: Moto Z3 Play One Button Nav - missing function.

I agree.  I had a moto g4 and loved the lock feature with your fingerprint.  Why would you take away a good feature doesn't make sense.  Stupid mistake by moto



Serial Port
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Re: Moto Z3 Play One Button Nav - missing function.

They mainly did this because the fingerprint sensor is on the side of the device, versus the front or back. 


Here is the other thread regarding fingerprint lock feature:


However, it would be nice to have the option regardless of whether they (as in Moto) felt it was inconvenient or not. It should be left up to the user to decide whether we wanna use the feature or not. 



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Re: Fingerprint sensor to LOCK

My Moto Z2 Play had the fingerprint Lock feature.  After Oreo update, it is very slow to respond.  It use to be very responsive.  I wanted to turn it off and back on to see if it would fix it, but I can't find the setting anywhere.

Punch Card
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Re: Fingerprint sensor to LOCK

From a development perspective, introducing the fingerprint sensor lock/unlock feature to the Z3 is justifiable in that it ensures behavioral consistency with previous generations of Motorola devices (e.g. Moto Z, Z2, X4, and G6 series).  These previous models used both the fingerprint sensor and power button as a method to both lock & unlock the phone. There is no logic in the decision to remove the FP lock feature on the Z3.  That being said, the feature may likely have been removed because someone complained to the development team of accidentally locking the phone every time it was grabbed from the sides. 


I have both the OG Moto Z and the Moto Z3 Play and have stopped using my Z3 Play because of the slower performance & inconsistent feature behavior ("FP sensor to lock" is just one example).  There is a lot to love about Motorola's innovations but I question the consistency of the "Moto exclusive" features across their products. Adobe's software suite suffered from this same issue until one of their product managers took the initiative of implementing a standardized toolset and consistent user experience across all their products.  Perhaps Motorola should consider doing the same.


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