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LTE band support on 32GB and 64GB versions of the US Z3 Play

2019-11-10, 18:32 PM

Is it true, these two phone do not have the same LTE band support?


According to this website:

The 32GB is the XT1929-1 while the 64GB is the XT1929-4.  Its more than a memory difference, the LTE Band support is far less on the 32GB.


32 GB LTE Bands 1,2,3,4,5,7,8,13,20,28,66
 64GB LTE Bands  1,2,3,4,5,7,8,12,13,14,17,18,19,20,25,26,28,29,30,66,71 and TD Bands 38,40,41


The moto webpage:


Makes it sound like all the phones support the posted bands.  The more bands makes it easier to travel internationally and move from carrier to carrier as deals allow.


Which is true??





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Re: LTE band support on 32GB and 64GB versions of the US Z3 Play

2019-11-12, 0:54 AM

As you may have noticed, the XT1929 has multiple variants; I have the XT1929-4, which is the unlocked 64GB ROM, and I know that Sprint has the XT1929-3, which is the 32GB ROM phone with their LTE bands of 25. 26, and 41, along with support for Band 2, 4, and 12. 


Verizon has the XT1929-1, which you posted; if it's locked to a certain carrier then in most cases you can't access the other bands for roaming, etc. unless they are a roaming partner of Verizon's. In other words, say if you travelled abroad you couldn't just pop in another SIM and be good to go with a locked down phone. 




Re: LTE band support on 32GB and 64GB versions of the US Z3 Play

2019-11-12, 17:09 PM

I agree with you 100%, and thanks for your insight.  That many variants means in the SPEC sheet Motorola should say which of the models is being sold in the USA to corroborate what the data says, or at least in the webstore.


Here are bands listed in the spec sheet, for unlocked Z3 Play US version, 32GB or 64GB.  It has bands for for all major US carriers, Verizon, ATT, Sprint, T Mobile.


LTE bands of major US carriers


LTE:††† B1 (2100) B2 (1900) B3 (1800) B4 (1700/2100) B5 (850) B7 (2600) B8 (900) B12 (lower700 abc) B13 (upper700) B14 (700 PS) B17 (lower700 bc) B18 (Japan low850) B19 (Japan hi850) B20 (800 DD) B25 (1900+) B26 (850+) B28 (700 APT) B29 (lower700 de) B30 (2300) B38 (TD2600) B40 (TD2300) B41 (TD2500) B41 HPUE (TD2500) B66 (AWS3+4) B71 (600 US)


I guess in the end, if I get the wrong one I can return it, and it should have the actual model printed on the phone or box XT1929-?


However my guess is the Canadian version XT1929-4 32GB is what is sold as the unlocked phone 32GB version also in the USA.  So the model XT1929-4 should actually be called the North American Version.


FCC Application specifications for XT1929


The XT1929-1 is Verizon specific, and if it were the one sold it lacks LTE Band support that would give it best compatibility with ATT, Sprint and T Mobile. 


Since its being advertised as being unlocked for all 4 major carriers, regardless of RAM support, it can only mean what the Motorola USA store sells is likely to be the XT1929-4. 


But why do I have to guess? 


Anyway, if Moto Factory support chimes in and confirms, it would save a lot of chat and research.


FWIW, for others here are all the variants


XT1929-1, Verizon specific version, reduced LTE bands
XT1929-3, Sprint has the same LTE bands as the XT1929-4 except its locked, many charge $30 to unlock it.

XT1929-4, "Canadian at 32GB, USA-64 Version" likely its a North American version


South American and International Versions

XT1929-6, XT1929-6M







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Re: LTE band support on 32GB and 64GB versions of the US Z3 Play

2019-11-19, 21:09 PM

Motorola sells the XT1929-4, NA, North American version, both 32GB and 64GB variant.


I believe the XT1929-1 is just a Verizon version, but I have never seen it sold in their stores.


The list of variants released to the US FCC can be found by googling "Equality Declaration XT1929" and look for an FCC document, was written in 2016, and released around 2018 to the public.


XT1929-4 has the most LTE band support as posted.  The others variants have few LTE bands more that are region specific but also reduced in others bands, so the NA should give you the broadest internationally coverage, for use of a local provider in that country, while having broadest coverage for use in North America for US or Canadian providers you choose, in truth quite a bit of South America too, see the document.


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