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Blue Screen Again
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5 g mod not available to all/ how crappy

So I bought my z3 for full price ($480) at version and got a prepaid plan. 

So myself and any one else who is not a full fledged god fearing verizon member  ( prepaid isn't having an account) cannot buy the 5 G mod under any circumstances even though Motorola is advertising it on their site, because we are somehow unfaithful and unworthy. After two batteries that no longer work (incipio wireless- no longer supported as they will not supply future moto mods and don't care and turbo charger battery that took a crap and has no support and costing $150, now worthless bricks). I feel I must leave Motorola for a more supportive company. I bought the first Moto z the week it went on sale and it turned into a brick in October 2018, so I'm now out over a $1000.00 dollars but I stuck with moto and purchased the Z3 because of the 5 g option ( I own the large battery, hasslebad mod, two projectors and numerous other mods so I felt committed as I really like where Motorola has been going)

ATT crapped on me in 1998 I will never go back.

Motorola is now losing my business, permanently.

Verizon is losing my business permanently. 

I will throw my TMobile Sim in the phone for now until I can sell it and probably end up with a Samsung that will suck- but at least I know Samsung sucks so I won't be so disappointed. 

Thanks for nothing. John

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Motorola Admin
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Re: 5 g mod not available to all/ how crappy



I see this is disappointing for you. Verizon holds the baton in this situation. It's my personal view -- I have no "inside information" -- that the 5G landscape will change as it develops. Who knows what may happen?


One of our agents will reach out about your battery mod to see if we can help with that.


- Matt

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