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MotoCast finally working

2011-11-21, 16:18 PM

It took a full day but I finally have MotoCast working with my DROID RAZR.   I have it working on several Windows 7 systems.  Here are some of the things that I tripped over on the way:

1. I had no idea which USB connection type to use.   I tried them in order:

  • PC Mode - this started the vCast application from Verizon.   I installed vCast thinking that this was a Verizon-labeled version of MotoCast but it isn't.  Maybe Verizon could put a warning on their website saying that vCast is not the same thing as MotoCast.
  • Windows Media Sync - this popped up a file transfer application on my PC and I thought that I was good to go (Motorola MTP interface).  I have no idea what this application is but it wasn't MotoCast.  This application would only sync with Windows Media Player.
  • USB Mass Storage - Unfortunately, the last one is the correct setting to use.   You might put this into the quick start guide that ships with the RAZR.

2. I needed to tailor MotoHelper to launch MotoCast USB.  Unfortunately, the MotoHelper icon was hidden by Windows and it took awhile to figure out that it was hidden.   Same for the MotoCast icon once I got things working.   Eventually, I figured out to right click on MotoHelper and change the setting from vCast to MotoCast USB.  

3. I first got things working on a laptop that has the original Intel dual core 7300.   Two problems with this:

  • The MotoCast indexing takes a lot of horsepower.   It consumed my system for 30 minutes and I couldn't do anything else.   Every once in awhile it works on the index again and everything else stops.   Is there a way to control how and when the indexing works?  It seems that if I make a small change in iTunes, indexing kicks in and I can't use my laptop for anything else for awhile.

  • I decided to sync using iTunes.   Something happened and all of my iTunes folders and playlists disappeared after the first test sync of a few songs.   AAARRRGG.   I rebuilt my iTunes playlists and reloaded the library.  I haven't had this problem since.   Not sure what caused this.  Still not sure if I need to launch iTunes before MotoCast USB or not.  Does it make a difference?

4. I used the Music app to look at the installed music and it only saw the music on my handset.  I tried again later and everything worked.   Not sure what changed but eventually it started to work. 

5. I see how to use MotoCast USB to sync using iTunes playlists but I don't see how to select specific artists, albums, etc.   Any insights on this?  Maybe it will be in a future release.

6. If I click on MotoCast USB help, it brings up Motorola Media Link help.   I suppose this is the same thing as MotoCast USB, but it's not clear.  By the way, this help file is terrible.  The user interface looks about 10 years old.

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