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What's DOS?
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Assist Driving Bugs

I have been having a few bugs since the last 2 updates.

1. The phone does not always go into speakerphone when placing a call via "ok Google now".

2. When receiveing a call or text, Assist does not always ask if I want to answser or here the text.


Also, can you please allow the Right click in Firefox to being up the dictionary.

Paper Tape
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Re: Assist Driving Bugs

i've also found assist to be very unreliable, working less than 25 per cent of the time. the other times it puts the call on hold, and you have to touch the notification bar to access it, then you have to press teh speaker button. c'mon, how does this happen on such a high end phone? 

how about the screen going black after a few seconds on incoming calls, and pressing the power button doesnt restore the screen, so you can't answer more than half your calls.