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What's DOS?
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Assist general philosophy

While Motorola Assist is a great practice I've found it too rigid, too much simplistic...and unusable in my case.

First, Driving and Home profiles are based on Location : A very bad idea....apart from using more battery, its nonsense : you may not move or move slowly while driving (stuck in traffic jam) and you may move but not driving (walking, for instance). The Home profile is based on 1 location...Wrong again : You may have several places where 'Home' conditions apply : Parents, Friends, 2nd home, your hotel room when you're travelling, etc, etc.....

The Meeting profile is apparently based on all calendars existing, this problem has been pointed out in a previous discussion : you may have business calendars where you don't want to be disturbed, and others ones for urgent matters where you WANT to be disturbed.

Sleeping profile would need a separate setting for work days and Saturday/Sundays. If this profile relies also on Location it's an error (for the same reasons for Home profile).

Here's what I think how you could greatly improve Motorola Assist :

1) Do not rely in Location for any profile.

2) Possibility to override manually a preselected profile.

3) Driving profile activates automatically when car's bluetooth Hands Free is connected (to be precise, user must be able to make a list of bluetooth devices (among all paired ones) where Driving profile must apply).

4) The meeting profile must include setting for defining which calendars apply. 

5) Possibility to create our own profiles. With a "default" profile always present.

6) For each profile (including the default one), you could customize the features of the driving/meeting/home profiles (announce caller/read messages, play music), ring volume, vibrate on/off, Flight Mode.

7) For each profile add activation/de-activation time/days of week. (de-activation = return to default profile if no other conditions apply).


What's DOS?
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Re: Assist general philosophy

Couldn't agree more! Well written!