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Moto™ Assist Bugs and Ideas

Hello, here a Little Bug List and Features that I think can be Added.

*** bugs ***
- Driving mode deactivates WiFi and Cellular Data, but Localization is enabled.
- Some times, The Assist Freezes.

*** ideas ***
- synch configuration with Motorola ID
- sleep mode with customizable times, not only a time interval
- driving mode can have options like:
-- if car have Bluetooth, connect to synch calls.
-- activate GPS mode if want to give routes in driving
-- put on silent mode
- can have study mode, this is when you must study, deactivates social engines and apps to not disturb your study's.
- and can have music mode, to increase performance of the audio, and allows watch the audio of videos with the screen locked, like on vevo.

That's my ideas Smiley Wink
What's DOS?
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Re: Moto™ Assist Bugs and Ideas

MOTO ASSIST is not able to recognize home sad

What's DOS?
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Re: Moto™ Assist Bugs and Ideas

IMO, answering by voice without touching your Moto X to a phone call or SMS should not be dependent on whether you are at home or in car. Making a call or SMS is now independent from location but answering is not. Where's the logic in this? You should be able to choose between an automatic location recognition or manual one. If you are at home or in car you would just tap the house or road icon from Moto Assist manually and your phone knows where you are. That's the way I'd like to have it. :-) Why? Because while I'm at home now but GPS thinks (yes, the wi-fi is also on) I'm 65 metres away from my home and thus Assist assumes I'm not at home and doesn't allow me to answer by voice. Today GPS sees my location correctly and everything works fine and the next day it doesn't. This very annoying!