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Moto, don't kill assist! Alternatives?

I understand with android marshmallow Motorola is killing migrate(there are a bunch of alternatives) and moto connect(even though I used it everyday, I know there are alternatives), but the assist feature that reads your text and notifications, recognizes you're driving so you don't have to fiddle with your phone while you're driving... Motorola please don't! Recognize how helpful this is! I've had whole texting conversations with people while driving without touching my phone. This is invaluable for those of us who drive in metro areas, all my friends are amazed over that very feature, please see the value in this amazing feature you guys have created and don't kill that driving assist feature just yet, it's so useful!

Does anyone know of any other apps that does this thing where it automatically recognizes you're driving and will talk to you, where you can talk back?

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Re: Moto, don't kill assist! Alternatives?

I have read a couple of articles also stating this. Moto Assist is the main reason I just ordered the Droid Turbo II. I had the original Moto X and my last phone was the Sony Z3v. I missed the Moto features so much. It is a feature set that helps distinguish Moto from just another smartphone. 

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Re: Moto, don't kill assist! Alternatives?

New features will be introduced in M update which doesn't require the need if assist app anymore.So don't worry.