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What's DOS?
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Smiley Face Problem

On my text I receive from my Brother, he will try to send a Smiley Face but when I get it, It is not a Smiley Face it comes to me as, :-P:-P.

This only happens when he sends a text, everyone else's Smiley Faces come as Smiley Faces.

Her's the catch, when I send him what I get it goes back to him as a smiley.

I understand that this is very strange and I don't know if there is anyone out there that has had this happen to them, but if there is, please replysmiley

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Re: Smiley Face Problem

Which phone does he use? I think it's not a new android or i phone.

In the newer phones, smiley has been replaced by emoji. In the older phones, when you sent a smiley of the form :-) it used to get animated to ☺. But now, it stays as :-) and emojis are the animated versions.
Thus, when you send it back, the phone animates it for him. But in your phone it will display as :-)