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What's DOS?
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Turn off wifi while driving

Assist should have an option to turn off WiFi while driving. My ISP has numerous hotspots around New York and with wifi on while driving it constantly connects, disconnects, and repeats over and over. This is especially annoying on my train commute as I am using the phone. I have to manually turn off and on wifi when I drive and get on the train.

What's DOS?
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Re: Turn off wifi while driving

This would save a lot of power usage too!

Punch Card
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Re: Turn off wifi while driving

While this seems like the type of feature which would fit well into the types of things Moto Assist does, I wanted to point out that in if you currently need this then there is already apps on Google Play that do this.  I would recommend Smarter WiFi Manager by Kismet Wireless Communication which is a paid app.  An alternative might be Smart WiFi Toggler by Sebouh Aguehian.

Smarter WiFi Manager has been doing a wonderful job to keep wifi turned off until it is at a cell tower it knows is around a wifi that I use.  It also provides an option to control bluetooth the same way.