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Connect Message Indicator Disappears Moto X 2

If I am using the stock messaging app and I get more than one text in a row, the number indicator disappears on the Chrome extension for the Moto Connect app.

Is there anyway to avoid this other than switching messaging apps? I like that the messages get marked read on my phone if I use the stock app with Moto Connect. 


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Re: Connect Message Indicator Disappears Moto X 2

Have you tried removing the Chrome Extension from Chrome > Settings (3 Bars in the upper right cornet) > Extensions > Trash Icon next to "Motorola Connect" and then re-sending the link to the Motorola Connect extension to your gmail address. Next opening Chrome on your PC and re-installing/Setting it up? You could also try removing your Google account from your phone and re-adding it. wink

Hope this helps! smiley