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Moto Connect and XT912

Will Motorola Connect in Google Play Store work with your Motorola Buds SF500 Ear Buds on a Motorola RAZR XT912 Phone? Or, can you recommend an App from Google that can show me Battery Level or EQ settings from my Phone?


I am able to Pair my phone with the Ear buds with no problem, but I downloaded the your Connect app from Google, and it would not recognize the paired device..


Any Suggestions?

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Re: Moto Connect and XT912

I'm sorry the Motorola Connect app will not work with your SF500 Motorola Buds. The SF500 while available at some stores and many sites such as Amazon has been out of production for some time now.  As well I do not see the Motorola RAZR XT912 listed as a compatible device with Motorola Connect, so your milage may vary!  sad

The new "Moto Surround" Bluetooth Headset is very similar to the SF500 and works with Motorola Connect. Motorola Connect receives battery status notifications from the headset, and can even find your lost earbuds from a last know location via a map. cool

As a last resort you might consider an app like "Bluetooth Battery Watcher" for your SF500's available in the play store. The widget will track your Bluetooth Device/Headset Battery usage although you will have to estimate the actual time left after using it for a while. There are actualy a few apps that will do this although most require that you estmate the avialable battery life of the Bluetooth device. wink

Hope this helps! smiley