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What's DOS?
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Things to Make Motorola Connect Better


I really love the capabilities of Motorola Connect, however there are a couple of things that are broken and some thing that would be nice enhancements. 


1. When Motorola Connect is refreshing (not by button but automatically) it switches who you are "texting". I can't count the number of times I have sent a text to someone different that intended because of this. This especially happens when you are starting a new text conversation. Also focus should always default to the last person who sent a text when you open the Chrome extension.

2. When sending links to websites, the last character is not included in the link. For instance if I send a link to a jpg, the jp is included but the g is not even though it is right next to it

3. When sending longer texts, sometimes it acts like it is sending but then after a refresh the text is lost. Really frustrating to lose that many characters and frustrating to have to retype. 


1. MMS!!! shouldn't be that hard. a lot of other text applications do this. (or in the very least the name of the person who replied or sent and mms so you can reply directly saying you can't see it)

2. A way to disable phone calls, I just use this for texting and it is annoying to get phone calls on my phone and on my computer at the same time. Even when I answer my phone, the computer is still ringing.


I really hope this capability is being updated and enhanced because it is what will keep me buying Motorola phones.

Leon Ross

What's DOS?
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Re: Things to Make Motorola Connect Better

For me..Stability.. Make connect work all the time.. I ran into it not working for 2 weeks just to find that clearing the cashe from crome fixed it.

2 When I send messages from my pc my responses dissapear. I have all the senders data on both phone and pc but my responses post on the screen and then vanish during what i'm guessing is the refresh that the OP spoke of above. I like to keep all my data for a month and then dump the threads but now are useless without my responses.