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What's DOS?
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Good Foe Enertprise App PDF ??


I have the Milestone, works fine other than I have downloaded a Good for Enterprise app, as this is what my comapny uses for me to have email, contacts and calendar etc.  I have one problem, and that is I cannot open a PDF file.  I get the not enough memory error, whenever I try.  There is lots of memory, and I can open all other docs, word etc.

I have talked to IT, and Good, as they work together, and they are saying to reset the phone.  Not sure if I want to do that.  Also I can open the PDF if I send it to my personal email on the phone.  Any suggestions, or anyone else in the samr situation and has a solution.



What's DOS?
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Re: Good Foe Enertprise App PDF ??

So when you open a pdf file, the error message says that you do not have enough memory, right?