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…but this could be real good.”*


I have big news for members of the Motorola Owners’ Forum.  We’re moving!


That’s right, we’re packing up the communities, the posts, the comments and all of our beloved members and migrating to a new platform.  Our new platform (on Lithium) will have all the great features of this site, as well as some new ones – including greatly improved mobile access from your phone. (That’s one I think we’ve all been waiting for.) If you have had problems posting in the past, this should solve that problem as well.


The site will still be found at, and you’re going to still see the same great MOTOXPRTS and Moto Agents helping out. We’re taking advantage of Lenovo’s great forums site, but otherwise we’ll be carrying on as usual with our forums and the Motorola Feedback Network.


We hope to complete the move within a month.  Here’s what to watch for:


    • In the next week or two, you will receive an email from the Lenovo ID Team ( - this is a send-only account). You don’t have to do anything – it simply indicates that we have created your Lenovo ID that will allow you to use our new community.
    • At some point we will switch our current site to read-only mode while we move all the content to the new site. Our goal is to make this period as short as possible. Once the new site is ready for business, we’ll send you another email and invite you in! We’ll have more instructions then.

There will be some other changes, such as to our points-and-status system, but we’re still working through those now.


Have questions or comments? Please post here and I’ll do my best to respond.






* Who can name the movie where this line can be found?


Paper Tape

ok was emailed for lenovo sign in, am i on lenovo now or motorola?

Moto Sr Moderator

Kamaleon said:

ok was emailed for lenovo sign in, am i on lenovo now or motorola?

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Motorola.  We'll get instructions when the Forum is ready for us.

Punch Card

Not much point being in a forum of a company that abandons updates to their phone in one year? At least we all know now not to make the same mistake again.


Aaand we are here!

The layout is confusing, but I will get used to it. 

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Vamos testar logo... Brazil na área.

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First and foremost I want to say that my experience with Motorola as a brand, has been a positive one, until recently, but that can wait. I`ve been buying Motorola all the way back to CB radios, scanners, two ways all the way up to the latest android. my first cell phone, you guessed it, a moto bag phone. and I`ve had everything in between.
from the first flip downs and razors, up to and including the turbo2. and I`ve never had a problem with one save the turbo2. what got my attention to it was the supposed shatter proof display. so I upgrade from my turbo that I only had 6 months or so. the first turbo2 had dead spots on the display in a couple places, which Verizon replaced within 4 days. number 2 had a sluggish display, and at different times would have a vertical red lines on the left side of the display, or green ones on the right. and some time both. Verizon basically jerked me around for a few days then referred me to Motorola mobility for a warranty return/exchange. this was when it got really fun.(insert sarcasm) 1st call I`m given a case number and was assured that there would be no problem with the replacement. I was told to wait for return instructions via email within 24 hours. 4 day days go by and nothing, which led to call 2. mind this all started 2/9/16. on call 2 I was told there was a computer error with my case and should be cleared up within 24-48 hours. my patience is growing short by call 3 and I let the rep know this. I asked what happened to the fast and easy replacement policy they talk up? silence. I was referred to repair replacement escalation team to find out what my options for replacement were.  #! pay a $25.00 admin fee and put down a $500.00, refundable deposit to have a replacement sent out immediately. or #2, send in the defective device and when its received a replacement will be shipped out. I chose #2. my defective phone was received by Motorola in ft. worth Tx. 2/19. I was given the run around for a couple weeks, and still no replacement in sight. another computer problem. by this time my frustration level was pegged and I was ready to get ugly with the next call/email to or from them. my wife, seeing this happening, called Verizon and explained what was going on with the Motorola SNAFU, and I had a replacement the next day, with a shipping label to return the phone from Motorola when it arrives. which it has not. another call, 2 different supervisors, and offer for a similar replacement because my model was out of stock. mind you I didn`t have a custom motomaker model. I was told it could be 2 months for a replacement to come in. I told them to forget about the replacement and just send my defective one back, which elicited another flow of excuses and white noise. so her I am, 2 months after Verizon's brush off and month after my first contact with Motorola, I`m not closer to a resolution than I was on 2/9/16. the point here is, the turbo2 is, while a nice phone overall, I think that it doesn`t live up to the hype in advertisement. I`d take my turbo or droid maxx back at the drop of a hat. more importantly, in my opinion, Motorola doesn`t stand behind their equipment or their warranty practices. I don`t know if this has always been a trouble spot(I`ve needed to use it), or if it has been since it was spun off to Lenovo. either way buyer beware. I`m pretty sure that this turbbo2 will end a 20 plus year relationship with Motorola. which is a shame, I`ve always recommended the gear I`ve purchase to friends and colleagues, because Motorola was a trusted company that made above average, reliable equipment. but like so many other things these days, the quality has dropped off a cliff. such a pity.

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I don't know what the deal is, but apparently, this move to Lithium wasn't all that smooth.  I tried to log in with my Moto forum username, only to be told I don't exist in the Lenovo system.  I tried to reset everything using my email address, but no luck there either.  I simply didn't exist anymore.


After sending a message to whomever, per the email we got about the switch, and not getting a reply after several days, I had no choice but to start a new account.  This is where is gets hystercial: Neither of the emails I used before are recognized by Lenovo when I attempt to log in or reset my password.  Ok, fine. Let's set up a new account.  I did that, and when I tried to log into the forums (why would I need to log in again!?!?), I wasn't allowed to use my email or username, since "they are already in use"...hmmm, wonder who would be using those!?  Well, somehow, eventually, I got in, but now I have login credentials with both emails and had to create a whole new username for the forums.  I can't update my emails to consoldate things, and all my history with my old username is lost in space.  Great start with the new stuff!  (The only thing I could confirm was my participation in the soak tests. My phone and info are still there, but now it's connected to probably three different accounts!!)


In case anyone can actually fix this, my previous username was mahers

Token Ring

@mahercs ~


Welcome to my world. My situation is almost identical.


That said, I was instructed to contact  to get my situation resolved.


That has been a few weeks for me, and no resolution yet, but some others have had their account issues resolved already.


Hopefully your situation can be handled easily (or at least a bit more expediently).


Mahers, I found your issue. Give me a day to solve it.

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Matt ~ Any update on my situation?? I know mine may be a bit more complex, but it's been going on since September...




I sent you a PM.

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I'm in but it was not smooth. I tried to sign in but I had used my google id to not sure what my pw was. I then proceeded by clicking the forget pw, reset it and signed back in. Now it's all good. Smiley Happy

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@Matt ~ Just sent you a PM in response. Smiley Happy

Paper Tape

 Thanks, Matt. Waiting patiently...


By the way, how in the world do you qoute a post? When I hit the quote button in the comment box, it just quotes the OP.


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@mahercs ~ You cannot quote a comment on a blog post, it only defaults to the original post. However, you "can" quote individual posts on the forum itself.

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i have an update to my above post. i finally recieved a replacement. and here`s where things got interesting. 1st, the phone was barely packed, phone in a mini bubble sleave, inside a small box(approx. 6"X4"x 1", and the box wasn`t sealed closed. now this box was place in a mini bubble fedex envelope/bag. when fedex delivered it, the b ox and phone were both loose inside. to top that, the fedex person just dropped it over my fence where it landed on a concrete sidewalk. this is a $600 plus phone. no signature, no nothing required. good thing i was home. i looked the phone and wrapped it up in the envelope and placed it in a fedex box that the replacement from verizon came in, slapped the return label and off to UPS i went. sight, finally its done.

Paper Tape

Hello Matt! I'm having an issue logging into my original forum account (username: Hobok). After a quick Google search I found that the profile appears to have made the trip from the old site. I also searched through the email tied to that account and didn't find any alerts from


Is there anything you and the team can do to help me get back into my original account? I can PM you any required details.



Blue Screen Again

Y'all can disregard my post as OriginalHobok, I finally got it figured out after almost two months... There's an area you have to go to during the new signup process that asks if you want to claim your old login. My password didn't work so I did it via linking the email address and it worked. Not sure how I missed that in August but all is well now.

Blue Screen Again

Has any1 updated their moto g5s plus to October security patch update. 

I updated my phone today afternoon. After updating the camera app isn't working. Even the camera is not opening through any other third party apps. Kindly help me with a solution.