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Apple vs. Android debate: what do you think?
Motorola Admin

This is rather long but it's interesting. They discuss openness, who buys which product, the future of smartphones and more. What do you think?


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What's DOS?

Its only been a few weeks since I moved from the iPhone 4 to the Bionic, so I have a lot to learn.  What I can say is there was a lot more uniformity involved with how the apps worked on the iPhone, I find the Bionic overlay of Gingerbread (if that is what I am experiencing) to be somewhat sophomoric to the iPhone's more consistent paradigms.  It's going to take some getting used to.

I find the impossible to remove, large, and somewhat arrogant quilts for social media, sticky notes and schedule, to be a bit much.  What if one does not wish to engage with social media via their phone?  I'm not there yet, enjoying watching the species evolve.

And then there are the intrusive things.  Like the cacophony of irritable sounds I cannot elect to forego during the boot.  For kids, this is necessary?  Fair enough, but they not be your only customers.  And I thought this was an open system............

And what is this file manager?  Notably the iPhone didn't even have any such muzzled utility.  Did I do something stupid?  Hooked to my PC, I created a folder on the SD card for Acrobat files, so as to store the pdf of the Bionic manual.  The folder does not appear in "Files" when directed to the SD card.  Open architecture?

After just a few weeks, I still do not feel comfortable opining on which is better, the pre-IOS 5.0.1 experience or Gingerbread 2.3.4.  Time will tell.

What I can say is IOS 5.0.1 neutered, not one but two, iPhone 4's WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity in sacrifice to saving power on the 4s.  That's why I am here, still working to duplicate the non-WiFi/Bluetooth functionality of my beloved, now neutered, iPhone 4.

As a newby convert, I am just not that impressed at the moment, but I would love to be.  I am here now, and trying to work out what that means.............

What's DOS?

I feel that iOS is meant for the "everyday" user that just wants a "smartphone" and is content with the option/setup/style that is given by apple. Android offers unlimited customization and configuration by the user. To go even further Companies even customize the Android OS to suit thier own customer experience. EX: Blur, Sense ect.   Just my two cents. Android +1

What's DOS?
I've had Android devices for the past 5 years and have customized them several times several ways with little difficulty. I'm kind of known around the work place as the guru for smart phones so when people need help or have a question they come to me. ....My sis however, has an iphone and brought to me for help. All I can really tell you is I really hate that thing. Unlike Android based phones, it was not very user friendly! I had thought about trying an iphone before that but not since. Android all the way.
What's DOS?

apple=let them eat cake!!!

android=tea party (no tax)

What's DOS?
I want lollipop on moto g LTE
Paper Tape

i support apple for their dedicated software and hardware.. it is necessary to build a phone software based on its software not based on software and selective hardware.. in my opinion apple can make a stable updates anytime bcoz of their supportive and unique compatible software and hardware .this improves it performance and reliability . though android is also a good one but not as reliable than apple.but compared to some extent it is also good ..