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Empty comment errors? And silly stuff that amuses me...

Ever since our last upgrade to this site, we've had periodic reports of a specific posting problem. Members create a subject and enter their question or comment, but when they try to post they get an error: "You may not post an empty Comment."

Most of these incidents seem to happen when a member is posting from their office -- but not always. But it also appears that the browser may have something to do with this.

If you have this problem, we could use your help. Please click this link and post about your experience on the thread provided. Note that we are looking for a couple of specific pieces of information: if it happens at work, can you reproduce it outside of work using the same computer; and, what browser are you using?

Thanks for your help!

(Please DON'T post about this here on the the blog. Please click this link and post about your experience on the thread provided.)


So, silly stuff.

I use a Motorola Roadster 2 In-Car Speakerphone in my car, and like most of our Bluetooth devices, it announces when a connection is made. It will say "Droid RAZR M....connected" or "XT897...connected."

So, on my Droid RAZR HD, I went to Settings > Bluetooth > Menu > "Rename phone" and changed the name of my phone to "Matt is smart popular and." Now when I get into the car it let's me know that "Matt is smart popular and...connected." Cracks me up.

Do you have any silly and amusing tricks you've worked out for your phone? Or any ideas for a different "connected" message? Post 'em below.


Comment here.

Moto Emeritus

"The son of a ______ is..." the rant

"I'm well..." the icebreaker

"Let's get..." the pick-up line

"The FBI Linkup is synched and..." the theft deterant


"I have no Bluetooth devices so I'm not..."

"I had to Sign-in twice this morning but I'm now..."

Moto Sr Moderator

The nagging spouse "I wish we were more...."



"SIgn-in was automatic 10/31 but got an 'Unknown Error' on the Motocare screen, went to Support pull-down to Forums and one-click Sign-in got me to the Forum, so decided to leave this message here and am now...."

What's DOS?


What's DOS?

let see

What's DOS?

I have an older V60 with a dead screen and would like to retrieve pictures from the phone. Does anyone know how to make the V60 communicate with a computer? If so, I would be very grateful.

What's DOS?

Oops! I meant V3.

Moto Emeritus
Hi This phone may connect to Motorola Phone Tools however I don't know what
version it might be supported on as Motorola Phone Tools is no longer
supported by Motorola.
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What's DOS?

i have moto g 2nd gen phone...two weeks ago i updated some apps on my phone there after my phone's gallery back ground becomes white and google tool bar too. can you help me to reset back ground colour as black again?