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Getting your unlock on
Motorola Admin

Some news for you unlock fans -- Motorola has announced the availability of a Motorola RAZR™ Developer Edition.

We have, as promised, worked on a solution that allows us to continue meeting our carrier and regulatory obligations, but would also meet these needs being expressed by our developer community.  We have announced a step forward in Europe with the availability of an unlockable version of our most in-demand product, the Motorola RAZR™ Developer Edition.  We are planning to also introduce an unlockable developer device in the US through MOTODEV, Motorola’s global developer network, in the coming months.

Motorola RAZR Developer Edition is now available for pre-order for EU-based consumers through the Motorola Shop at  After purchasing the device, users can visit to find support for unlocking, relocking, locating build files and access to additional developer resources.

In addition to an unlockable bootloader, Motorola RAZR Developer Edition features an impossibly thin design at 7.1 millimeters, a hyper vibrant 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Advanced display for incredibly vivid images, KEVLAR® fiber and Corning® Gorilla® Glass to help the screen stand up to scratches and scrapes, and 8-megapixel rear-facing camera with 1080p video capture for crisp, clear, cinematic-quality images. 

At this time, the Motorola RAZR Developer Edition is the only new unlockable device being announced. No information on other models is available. For additional information on a developer edition device coming to the US, stay tuned to

If you're interested in discussing this new device, please visit this thread on our MOTODEV forums.


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What's DOS?
 You have got to be kidding me. Moto is so out of touch it isn't even funny anymore. You would have to be an idiot to drop $650 on a device that has no hardware warranty what so ever. I would be insanely pissed if it arrived at my door with a non functional charging port or whatever. How about you unlock the devices you have already pushed out. This may be the last straw for me. Time to start looking at other options Smiley Sad
What's DOS?

Warranty Opinion:

I don't necessarily think Motorola wouldn't provide a hardware warranty (at least) for any of their products. Of course, they are not going to waste precious time and money fixing software issues if you choose to unlock your device and do something to soft-brick it. Hardware-wise though, if something malfunctions due to a manufacturing defect and not a software-related problem, then I would expect that Motorola would evaluate the device and fix it as necessary with no charge. (At least, that would be the ideal method for both parties).

EDIT: I stand corrected, It appears Motorola is offering the development phone with no Warranty. (I hadn't viewed that link until now). I still stand by my method described above to suit both parties.

The Boot-loader Concern:

In regards to the information in the OP, is it safe to assume that with what is presented by Motorola, that existing Motorola products will remain LOCKED and only new-released products from this point forward would be UNLOCKABLE if they are apart of a "Developer Edition" family?

I ask this only because I cannot perceive any other logical reasoning from the information provided about this blog post. Seriously - what is the point of keeping the wall between LOCKED devices and UNLOCKABLE devices?! There are thousands of users who have already purchased their Motorola products - many who are Developers and others who are Enthusiasts. IF these products remain LOCKED, then what is the point of releasing separate development devices that can be unlocked? If I am a developer, why would I want to waste time or money purchasing an additional device for development, just to "develop" for the small number of other users who have an unlock-able development device? It makes no sense!

How about for the enthusiast? The little guy that knows enough to flash images and such, but not enough to develop their own software? These people are the whole reason why developers exist in the first place. These enthusiasts and developers go hand-in-hand. Many of these people, if-not-all who have remained Motorola supporters (myself included) already have locked themselves into 2-Year contracts with Verizon or other carriers. Even take the RAZR MAXX for example, with a 2 year contract costs $299 currently. That's a hefty amount in itself on-top of the average monthly contract costs just to have the device.

The Bottom Line:

This is to Motorola - If this blog post actually DOES line-up with your intentions, then my professional opinion (Many will agree), is that you are moving in the WRONG direction to satisfy "ALL" your customers and compete with your competition. I've been a long-time supporter of Motorola and your products. I'm also an enthusiast who has learned a great amount in the technological world with my UNLOCKABLE Verizon 4G/LTE XOOM. There are many individuals out there who have supported Motorola for the longest time as well. Given the slightest glance of the current petitions against Motorola Mobility shows tens of thousands of consumers with this concern, and that is just ONLY those who have chosen to speak up.

I don't need to dive into detail in this post about the benefits and such of an unlocked boot-loader. Any consumer who knows the meaning of the term should already know what it entails. I hope you are able to eventually work something out to satisfy your customers, because if "this" is the solution you are going to provide, then I can assure you it's not going to work.

What's DOS?

Why are moto selling this device without any warranty ? EU consumer Law states that all consumer goods sold in the EU are subject to a 2 year guarantee, meaning if this phone developed a fault Moto would be obligated to repair or compensate the consumer. - see page 7.

In the UK we have the Sale of goods act that covers customers for up to 6 years. 

It would be different if they unlocked existing devices as that would invalidate any guarantee's that the device had.


On the subject of bootloaders, why aren't you going to unlock the Xoom2 in the UK? I see no reason for this to be locked down if the user wants to unlock it.  

What's DOS?

 So the only ones who will update from these unlocked bootloaders over the next ~6 months are motorola ... Instead of offering an unlock SOLUTION you're just trying to sell 2 more models of the same phone.  Seems more like a money grab than anything else ... And selling devices without warranty/support?  You unlock the bootloader and your first support step becomes restoring all stock software, you charge for repairs on phones that aren't fully restored etc which elimates the concern that the problem might be caused by 3rd party hardware, and someone send you a brick that can't be restored?  You charge for repairs/flashing ... pretty simple and basic.  The blog title shouldn't be "getting your unlock on" since no one obviously will but "Lining My pockets!"

What's DOS?

You have got to be kidding me.  Since September, just through Verizon Wireless, you guys have released 4 devices, all of which are still plagued with kernel/radio problems.  And now you guys are releasing another phone with an unlocked bootloader (in which everyone has been begging for). guys have outdone yourselves.  People outside of your company are now taking notes on how to NOT RUN A COMPANY.  This is just ridiculous.

What's DOS?

I had to blink twice at this, a separate phone for an unlocked bootloader? I'm starting to feel stupid picking Motorola as they are out of touch with the Android community.

What's DOS?

This is not directed toward you Matt. But Motorola has really pissed me off with this announcement. I am a current Droid Razr user and dev.  that loves his phone. I have bought many Motorola products in the past. But this is my last. As a company how can you decide to put out a seperate phone to call a Dev phone. I have intended to have my Droid Razr unlocked in the future with the updates in line. But you announcing this changes everything. It tell all of your current DROID RAZR USERS that you don't care about them and there demand for a unlock bootloader. I have conviced my whole family to buy a Droid Razr and support Motorola. There are currently 6 Droid Razrs in my household. But its not only my family i have convinced to use a Droid Razr. I can tell you my uncle owns a private company, and they were ready to purchase alot of the Razr Maxx's for his employees. But i will advice him to change his mind and put out the word that Motorola has made a decision to show there real hand. THEY ARE ONLY OUT TO MAKE MONEY! NOT RELATIONSHIPS!

Why as a company are you being so ignorant and blind. I want you to see what your compeitors have been doing. HTC as a example has given a unlock solution for there older and newer devices to give the abality to the customer to unlock the bootloader if they want to. That makes all of there customers happy and willing to purchase there products again. I hate using another company as example but they truely do think about there customers and where the relationship will build.

So to further say with everyone else that this not a solution. A suggestion that i know the Droid Razr community would be willing to do is trade or get some type of price break towards a MotoDev Razr. I defently can't and will not pay full price for another Razr.

Motorola Admin

We are having an interesting (and reasonably civil) discussion on this topic on this thread. I do specifically address this idea that the Developer Edition is a money-making gambit. Please click over if you're interested; I don't want to have the same discussion in two places if I can help it.

What's DOS?

I really dont like motorola, things like releasing an unlocked phone (which is a bit more than $299) instead of just making the droid razr or motorola razr unlocked in the first place.


motorols, I have some advice...instead of releasing a new device every 2-3 months why dont you  worry more about the software than the hardware. I know your "trying" to get the droid razr to ICS but the HTC rezound already has "official" betas that have been leaked and they expect to be updated by the end of this month. I have a feeling it will be may before we get 4.0.3 and by time we get 4.0.3 ICS 4.1 will already be out and then the razr will become abandoned.

I own a razr, but did not purchase it, I like the phone dont get me wrong, but I doubt we will see more than a handful of updates. so motorola to sum this up, please focus less on a new phone ever 3 months, focus on your software. If you were good at updating your phones and providing unlocked bootloaders people WILL buy your phones. Moto has always had premium build quality, but software always lacked, now all you need to do is make your software updates come quicker and people will love moto again.



sorry if I went off topic, but I felt I had to. and MAtt please show other motorola staff members this post. Im not the only one who feels this way.



What's DOS?

Hi Matt,

Too late for me. After 15 years of total loyalty to Motorola, I felt betrayed by your upgrade and locked phones policies. So, that's enough! Not more Motorola phones to me, sorry.

Good bye!

What's DOS?

I now own 2 motorolas a defy (rooted and custom rom) which i love use for the boat and fishing.

bought a razor and the bootloaders locked what a crock beautiful phone but i want to put my custom roms on. Why should i have to buy a developer edition now??? i already purchesed a phone. what a crock of #$#@. Get your act together motorola catch up with the times and what your customers want or your may find yourself falling down the ladder as people talk with their pockets which means over time your profits will walk out the door.

Unlock the bootloaders its our phones we have paid for it

What's DOS?


I would probably reconsider naming this post "Getting your unlock on" because it has nothing to do with unlocking "our" bootloaders (you say your). If I wanted to purchase another device I wouldn't have complaints of this Developer Edition, but I just bought this Razr (got it a day early, very excited on 11/10/11) for $300 to see White come out...then Purple...MAXX....Dev. I feel very used since Motorola didn't mention any of theses, especially the Dev (be nice if I could have got it on contract price, but now I am locked in for 2 years to a locked bootloader!).

What's DOS?
 if I was holding anything newer than a droid 3 I would feel like motorla robbed me and be squirming my way to a different phone(carriers in Canada can be manipulated this way with a little persistence , I've had a few new phones ~3-6 months into a 3 year swapped out for different models of my choosing) . I'm on a ~1 year old phone and I still feel wronged by motorola on top of this BS. You released like 6 phones with the same hardware and then once everyone of your formerly loyal customers is locked to a 3 year contract you release phone #7 with probably identical hardware but the one feature everyone has been waiting for on their current phone trying to force people who want this option to buy another of your products. That has to be the best money grab I have seen in some time. Well played motorola, you raped your customer base, seriously alienating what, 60-80% or is that higher? And we couldn't even tell that's what you were doing until you were already rolled over and falling asleep. Again, well played motorola!!
Token Ring

 Honestly... I would like to see MORE communication and interaction from Motorola regarding the products that hit the market within the last 2-6 months that STILL are NOT delivering the experience advertised.

Paper Tape
 how about an unlocked bootloader for the bionic. It still exists too.
What's DOS?

Motorola, why do you continue to ignore perhaps the most important customers that you have, the developers?

What kind of message is that sending to your developer community? 

HTC listened to their developers and unlocked their bootloaders.

You continue to ignore our cries. Censor our posts. And feed us lies. 

Please, tell us the real truth why we do not have unlocked bootloaders.

Not applicable

Sorry Motorola, but you may view this as a way of fulfilling a promise you've been making since 2010, but for those of us bound to the reality of the situation, this can only be viewed as a way for you to cash in on your promise without fulfilling it as indicated by the other comments here and elsewhere. 

What's DOS?

"Getting your unlock on"

Are you kidding us ? I dont have a developer edition Razr. How in the hell does it become my UNLOCK !

What's DOS?

This is a joke, you need to provide an unlock as the company promised almost a year ago and said you would deliver by end of last year. This company is going down the toilet, by burning all the bridges with the very community that helps you make your products better.

What's DOS?

Okay. First this phone and now the Droid 4. Motorola, WHY do you insist on releasing a new phone every couple of months and yet, abandon those of us on previous phones like the Droid X2 which is NOT even a year old??? Do you not care?




You're actions show as much. First, you promise to unlock bootloaders on other phones by the 4th quarter of 2011. PROMISE BROKEN AS NO PHONES ARE UNLOCKED!!!!

Next, it appears ICS will NOT come to the X2. Why? Do you enjoy abandoning your customer base? 

Also, you put on Motoblur which has been proven to completely ruin the performance of the Droid X2.

Releasing these new phones every couple of months is akin to you thumbing your noses at us, those who have been loyal and purchasing your devices. Instead, you expect us to follow you like a lap dog and just drop our current phone and purchase the latest and greatest Motorola device. It's the only reason why you would never upgrade the older phones with an unlocked bootloader, or give phones that are recent (like the x2) an ICS upgrade. 

No, instead you want us to just follow like sheep and decide "Oh. They won't give my ICS on the X2? Fine, I'll purchase the next greatest phone they have" or "Oh, look. I already have the Droid RAZR and yet here is another one with the bootloader unlocked. I can't get a discount upgrade but I'll shell out $300 for this! Thanks Motorola! You DO care about your customers!" <sarcasm off>

Sorry. Not this person.

I've had the original RAZR, two other Motorola phones and finally, the Droid X2.  I'd say I've been a VERY loyal customer and this is how you thank me?

Well, this seals your fate with me. I will not purchase another Motorola device, ever. This latest stunt, coupled with abandoning the Droid X2 and going back on a promise to unlock bootloaders, has pretty much told me what you think of your customers - NOTHING.

And, I am not the only one. There is a petition with over 7500 signatures and we are ALL willing and ready to drop ship and go to another phone.

For me, when my upgrade happens this summer of 2012, I will be going to HTC and never looking back to Motorola. The shear audacity of you to abandon the consumer has pretty much told us where we stand. 

Not applicable

You know it's funny because Sanjay Jha said Motorola was going to cut back on the number of devices being released yet this speaks to the contrary. His reason was to focus more on marketing. In other words the solution to poor quality and lousy support is a better sales pitch?!?! How about not releasing devices faster than you can support them? How bout actually updating the devices so customers don't feel abandoned? How about living up to your promises instead of looking for ways to back out of them? At this point, I hope this merger with Google goes through and we get to see Motorola gutted like a pig. 
btw, here's the article where he talks about that: 

What's DOS?
 I guess motorola got me. Just for the record, I will not be buying a motorola device again. First and last. Between privacy concerns that aren't being addressed, to the sneaky relocking of the electrify bootloader and preventing downgrading, I am done. maybe google will fix you, but until then, I hope your stock dwindles to nothing.
What's DOS?

I am still waiting for an unlock solution that i was promised for my XT910 before i bought this phone !

What's DOS?



 Apparently the android comunity is tired to wait for you, promises are not enough. I have Atrix and I'm running Android 4 ice cream sandwich,thanks to JockerX and the rest of the crew-Cyanogenmod9. The platform is very responsive, fast and no bloatware, everything works smooth. You schould consider does very important matters as updates if you want to be a major player on the Android market. I think you people are so lazy and ignorant, you could find the best developers online just one good spider search ijn Google and you will find so many better MODs for your devices- I'll probably hire does people and get rid off you. One last tought, when I'm buying a device a schould expect to have full control of it, that is why in a first place Andorid is open source as a choise against Stev Jobs proprietary IOS. Go figure it out why are you playing bad with your own customers. Next phone will be Samsung, unless your reconsider your view for the unblocked devices and fast update response.

What's DOS?

 Enough!  MOTO, you are such a liar! Betrayed by your upgrade and BL unlock policies. So, that's enough! One less customer, won't buy any MOTO device again!!!! LIAR!!!

What's DOS?

Look stop all this thinly disguised marketing material, it's not blogging it's advertising and spin. We "valued customers" wouldn't need to buy developer editions (warrantied or otherwise) if your approach to Android version upgrades was halfway reasonable! I brought a Defy less than 2 months ago fully expecting that the 2.2 it shipped with would be upgraded to 2.3 (bearing in mind ICS was imminent).  How naive I was.

What's DOS?

and still waiting ....

What's DOS?

I am an Unhappy Razr owner who would like to post my displeasure with Motorola and its product. My Razr 's internal scren explode while sitting on my center console in my car not being touched or used. I know it ois summer and cars can get hot. however i had been driving in an air conditioned car for more then 2 hours when this occured, (it was plugged into the car charger at the time). Motorola has been less then helpful and I am quite frustrated. I have been in customer swervice and sale for 20 years and have never worked for a company that treats their customers as I have been treated by Motorola. I am not the only one who has experienced the defective device and lack of customer support. as the following web site will show you.


(this site would not let copy and paste the adress)


If any of you out their have this issue all I can say is good luck