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Motorola Admin Motorola Admin
Motorola Admin
‎12-07-2016 12:20 PM

We added a new topic to our video channel -- understanding and managing heat on your phone. This is an important topic because it seems to be widely misunderstood. We attempt to illustrate why a warm phone, or even a hot one, is not necessarily a cause for alarm.


And we did it in two ways.


One video is like the others you may have seen (see our DIY series here!) and walks you through the information in a very straightforward way. It comes in under four minutes and you can pick up some useful information. 


The other is.... different. 


We never want to appear to take your concerns lightly, but we still hope to have a little fun. So feel free to sample this "more-fun" version of our new video and learn a little about why phones give off heat. If it's not to your taste, well, there is always Version 1.


We would love your opinion on our two new videos, and on our entire series. We are working on more topics but would love your feedback, here or in the YouTube comments areas. 



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 Hey Matt,


I really like the claymation video - looks like you guys had a lot of fun.  My Moto X gets warm from time to time, but usually only when pulling down a lot of data or I've been using the wifi heavily and it's never been a problem.  In fact, with temps in the 20's today, it might be rather welcome. ; )



Motorola Admin Motorola Admin
Motorola Admin

Thanks Mark! We worried a bit about it but we think it's pretty neat. We have made a few tweaks to it and will be uploading a slightly different version shortly.

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  I am Using Moto X play smart Phone ,from yesterday I had Faced Problem in Use Drop downmenu, menu button,overview button not working .I have cheked all setting but still problem remain same so I have again try to factory reset menu setting but in this reset phone option not flashing so i have agin try to safe Mode but still problem same 


please help me for reolve thuis issue.



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 The video is a great description of what's causing the heat and shows helpful ways to reduce the issue. Although it's not a perfect solution. I'd like to request adding a overheating resolve patch for Moto G4+ devices. That would be very helpful. Thank you for reading this comment.

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I watched both the videos and i think people would prefer watching version 1 as it feels much more professional. Thank you for reading this comment.

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I have a moto z play. I missing some app in this mobile such as audio & video player, image viewer  FM player separately plz improve that, and update 

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Pls guys don't buy Moto  E3 power .It have  major problem. When u use LTE & VOLTE SERVICE INTERNET that time your another SIM not received any call. I bought this smartphone last week. And my friend told me that it phone doesn't meet. We hearing only beep beep beep...


I am very excited for this smartphone but this time I am feeling faked person.


Pls suggest what am I do? 

Can I take legal action against this company?

What's DOS?

I have problem with proximity sensor it's not working please let me know if any solution


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Hello Moto, I have some problem with my Moto g4+ , if I m playing game especially mortal Kombat x and any call coming or if I m going to any other app during the playing then a nav bar shadow is coming in nav bar side in all time in game till the game is not closed. Please give me solution and fix
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Hello Matt,

I have some new problem with my Moto g4 + after naugot update if I playing game or using other sound app, during this time if coming any message then notification sound is so load and like  broken speaker. Please solve this bug.


Thanks in advance

What's DOS?

Dear All,
Greetings from Prashant.
I was a huge fan of Motorola as it provided good quality phones in a average range for mango people. I too purchased Moto G1 having trust on Motorola. It was really a good cell so my trust on Moto was built up well.
As Motorola upgraded it's mobile I too has upgraded cell by exchanging previous ones.
Till 2 years using Moto G1 and G2 i didn't required any service as phone gone well working.
After having Motorola Moto G3, after 6 month i got issue in charging pin connector. I went to service center, first service center refused to take the cell by saying that you have taken local vendor. I tried to make them convince and even tried on customer care number but didn't get any help from them.
Finally i had a other option of Moto service center and they taken my cell for servicing. Surprisingly, i waited for 25 days for getting my cell back. After this all, i was happy to get the cell. But i was shocked to see that my cell has got another many issues. Really shocking to see, many of scratches, speaker quality tempering, white impressions on screen etc. That was the Motorola service.
Customer support told me to submit my cell again so even having issue for being without cell i resubmitted the cell. Again it took 25-30 days to coming back. Even the service center never call you to update. I have to go several times just to ask if the cell is back as they don't pick the calls. Still the speaker quality was not handled. Really the worse service from Motorola.
After 1 month the charging pin connector again started creating issue and stopped taken charging. I was out of my residence and had to do travel for a long with friends. For being connecting with them i had to took local vendor just to make charging connector started working. After coming back to home i shared the whole incident with customer care, service head of Motorola. They promised to support me. After so many chain mails, and again getting panic by visiting service center just to ask the process, after one month they refused to take the cell. That one month i just suffered on basis of their words.
Really the worst service from Motorola. Guys if you cell need service, rather than sending it to service center or believing the company, cell it or exchange it. you will be less panic.
This is my Motorola Support story. I have decided not to buy any Motorola cell in future.

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Lenovo Moto X Styl Jak właczam muzyke CZY Chce ustawic melodie do trzeszczy.

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 I recently bought a Moto G4 and get a black screen when I try to access voicemail. I can hear the prompts to enter my passcode, but cannot enter it because of a black screen.

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Just received my new Moto G4 unlocked phone. While waiting for my sim card from Tracfone I was using the Wi-Fi. Everything was great until I tried to unlock my screen with my four digit pass code. Could not get past the enter code screen. Had to do a factory re-set. Factory re-set allowed me to start over fortunately. Tried this two additional times and still could not get beyond pass code screen. Does not having a sim card affect the phone's ability to process the four digit pass code? Also, how does the four digit pass code offer security if anybody can do a factory re-set with the locked screen?
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Its my humble request to Lenovo please provide Noughat update for Moto G Turbo Edition. As Motorola provides minimum 2 software updates and Moto G Turbo Edition has all requirements for Noughat so please provide Noughat update for Moto G Turbo Edition.

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Hi, new user MOTO Z Play, I am facing heating problem in the phone, when I keep for charge mobile get so much heat, kindly suggest me what to do??