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Motorola Admin

We added a new topic to our video channel -- understanding and managing heat on your phone. This is an important topic because it seems to be widely misunderstood. We attempt to illustrate why a warm phone, or even a hot one, is not necessarily a cause for alarm.


And we did it in two ways.


One video is like the others you may have seen (see our DIY series here!) and walks you through the information in a very straightforward way. It comes in under four minutes and you can pick up some useful information. 


The other is.... different. 


We never want to appear to take your concerns lightly, but we still hope to have a little fun. So feel free to sample this "more-fun" version of our new video and learn a little about why phones give off heat. If it's not to your taste, well, there is always Version 1.


We would love your opinion on our two new videos, and on our entire series. We are working on more topics but would love your feedback, here or in the YouTube comments areas. 



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Moto g5s plus: The camera app has recently been updated and since then it's working fine but the images took before the update in the depth editor mode are unprocessable now. Ram management has been done well on the device but many a times apps encounter issues and force stops. please fix it with a software update. Motorola has promised the Android 8.0 (Oreo) update for the moto g5s plus but is there a fixed date or a duration (approximate) of when is the update actually gonna arrive. Motorola has provided a turbo charger with the device which is usually fast but with the Moto g5s plus it takes around 1hr 15 mins to charge from 0-100 which is considerably slow for a 3000mAh battery. Is this a software issue or hardware. Can it be improved with an update. Please comment and let me know if you have even slightest of the ideas about the above questions.
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Hi, This is my first interaction with you. I purchased Moto G5S in Japan out of some urgency and without much research. But I found out that the variant is different from its Indian counterpart with only 3GB RAM here in Japan. Also it supports multiple 4G bands as compared to Indian counterpart. Can you explain the difference? How different bands arrived in the same phone in different geographical markets. Is it done via additional hardware or software?

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I want to update naghout to Oreo 8.0

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Don't show missed call Notification in motog5s plus.what is the problem...



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I am using a Moto G4Plus. Since last 3 or 4 days, I observe a great delay of 4 to 5 seconds when I seek a number from the contact list. For instance, for dialling a number of Ramesh, after I enter the complete name, I have to wait for almost 4 to 5 seconds before the various names containing the same spelling. Previously, for every letter I I type, the display comes with similar entries. 


The same dealy in starting dialling. Once I press on the cpontact entry, the phone takes alomst 4 to 5 seconds before the dialling begins. 


I had called the Motorola Support. But the problem still persists. Their reference is 

Question Reference # 180212-008788


Please help.

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I am using Moto g4 plus ..My phone is getting switched off automatically whenever I get a call or receive any SMS,email but works perfectly when it is on charging. The screen is also  facing ghost screen problem and finger print sensor is also not working...Can anybody help me out ?? Thank You!!

Blue Screen Again
Can you help me? my Moto Z2 Play type XT1710-09 after the latest version update provided by the system, But after this i cant you the touchscreen *sad and I got to do a factory reset and nothing
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Hi I made an update to nougat after that I m getting the problem that there is coordination between audio and video even in YouTube and boot also so what can I do now

What's DOS?

I am very disapointing from lenovo/motorola... it is too long that moto z play not getting Android Oreo update till date... this is my last motorola phone. 

What's DOS?

Tengo un Moto g tercera generación, como puedo abrir "compartir oantapan remota", si no tiene el software en función? Conecté un "anycast" y no logro ver imágenes ni vídeos en mi pantalla de TV

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Few all of sudden problems faced--

1) 5-10 entries seen for few contacts.

2) Few names not displayed in contacts although names saved.

3) few names not synced in whatsapp.

4) Taking too much time to charge.


All the issues from last week.



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Subject:: Google Assistant Not Working.


  I am using Moto G5s Plus .. I have bought this phone in last year's December 2017. It was working nice and efficiently.My Google Assistant was also (which is pre installed in this device) working effectively and efficiently. Since my last update Google Assistant has stopped working offline. Since I am from technical background I have tried each and every logical possibility for settings and updated every Google apps.

After updation of Google app my problem becomes worst. Now I can't even train my voice model to Google Assistant. Its not at all taking my voice..please its a major bug in the software update .. when I try to train my voice model to Google Assistant and say "ok Google" my device does not take voice and it just keeps on buffering and after tiring 12-14 mins at the first attempt only of training it says something wrong with my microphone. To which I say that if there is something actually wrong with my device's microphone then how come device is taking perfectly my voice model in Google app of factory version

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SUBJECT:: Google Assistant Not Working.

   I have bought Moto G5sPlus in December 2017.Since then Inhave never face any problem with any app. But after my phones last update my Google Assistant has stopped working offline completely.

This is a very serious bug in your last update .I can surely say that I have tried each and every possible solutions for this ..tried every settings..updated each and every Google app.

Problem is still not solved.

Moreover after updating Google's app my problem gets more worst because now I can Not even train my voice model to my device's Google Assistant. As we to say "Ok Google" 4 times, Whenever I try to train my voice model and say "Ok Google" my device stops responding.It does not even take my voice..and just keeps on buffering. After tiring 12-14mins (of the first attempt only) error message appears which states there is something wrong with my device's microphone. To which I am saying that if there is actually something wrong with my microphone then how my device responds to my viuce when I downgrade my Google app to factory version and use my Google Assistant online.its working online with factory version of Google app but let me tell you that it still does not work OFfLine..only works online.

Please fix this issue as soon as possible...otherwise I can say there is nothing smart in my 16000 smart phone.

I have tried each and every possible please don't give me random solutions to "try". Give the exact solution and fix this in update. Please send latest update regarding this problem as soon as possible.


Blue Screen Again

Stop messing around with pointless videos and do something useful like releasing Android Oreo for more of your recent phones, or even just try keeping then up to date with security patches!

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I own a Motorola Moto G (5S) Plus.

I have registered for the MFN and I would like to test new Android Versions and give my generic feedback. 

I would also like to participate in the Android Oreo (8.0) soak test.

Group ADMIN kindly take this message into consideration .

Thank you for showing your interest in your customers

Thank you


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I thought the animated version was very cute. Helped me understand my Moto Z Force abal better.

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Hi I am using a moto g5 plus and i i wa to know that when my phone will get oreo update? Lenovo k8 note launched after moto g5 plus yet k8 note received oreo update before g5 plus. Motorola announced that g5 plus users an Android oreo update almost a year ago. Just tell me that will g5 plus get oreo update in may 2018?


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Sorry, but update release dates are not provided by Motorola or your phone carrier. I hope you get it soon. I'm waiting for 8.0 for my Moto Z Force

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I don't want exact date for my moto g5 plus oreo update . I just want a rough time. I want to know how many months are still required by motorola for providing g5 plus users an oreo update.


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I understand. I am still waiting on my Z Force, as well. 

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I Purchased a Z2 Play new  few month ago. I have noticed that it takes a very long time to charge the battery from 3-5 days , and I don't get the "TurboPower" or Turbo Charging notification when plugged in. I am using the original power adapter that came with the phone, and I was under the impression that it was the turbocharger adapter

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It shoudntshbe charging slowly if you are using a Turbo charger. Do you have any other Turbo chargers from previous phones? If you have a USB charger, you can put a Type-C cable in it. 

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Hello Motorolla,


Till last year my phone Moto G2 was detecting in Windows OS and I loaded successfully many android applications to test (After enbaling developer mode). Now I am unable to load any application as the handset is not detecting in Windows OS &  unable to detect by OS. Surprisingly, earlier in Model section of my hadset it was shwoing XT1068 but now showing Moto G (2nd Generation). Why? I also tried Motorola Driver installatioon but OS failed to identify the device. My PC with Windows has detected any other handset & brand.


I need solution qucikly as the handset should be detected in Windows 10 OS.


Request you to reply me asap.




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Am using Moto G5S, after upgrading to the latest patch dated 01 April 2018.

Following are the some very basic features missing:

1) saved pictures DO NOT have an 'edit' option, but there's a useless icon on a picture at the end which does nothing, ie: first is the Delete button, then there's Share, followed by 'Set As' which is why also a wasted icon, the last icon looks like a recorder but does nothing.

2) From the videos folder, if a video is played it does not rotate to landscape, but only stays in potrait mode. 

3) if video is played from the videos / media folder, as soon as it's finished playing it starts again, rather than playing the next video, basically goes into a loop, keeps on playing the same video.

What's DOS?

It seems your team isn't dedicated to customer I am waiting for my complain to be resolved and I am still waiting I don't how casual Moto can be.

What's DOS?

Hi, I have a Moto4 plus with following issue.

  1. Booting issueSmiley Tonguehone is going to No Command mode with Android symbol when I switch off and switch on the phone.
  2. Charging issue:Not charging with Turbo mode, it is taking 6 hrs to charge 100 percent.
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   Hi sir,                                                              my moto z play is showing error 96 when I try to send text messages. I could not send any text messages from my is showing error 96. I tried changing the sim slots , but it is not working. Can you help with this.....!!!!!!!                    

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My moto e4plus very hitting in a few sceonds....


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I had a similar issue with my Verizon Droid Maxx when I had it before my Moto Z Force. I tried pulling the SIM card, putting it back on, etc... I called Verizon for help, and it turned out that something got turned off accidentally when my father was paying one of the bills. Can you call your carrier from another phone and see if that's the issue? If calling isn't an option, maybe visit your carrier in person and see if they can help? I will try to do some research for you if that doesn't work. 

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Hey dude I have moto g4 but i think of upgrading and want to purchase moto g 6... But i heared it will get only one software update?? I will not buy if it's  so....

Blue Screen Again

I joined the Motorola community to receive beta update of Android Oreo 8.1. But I have not received the update yet. Did I follow the correct steps? I have Motorola ID and Lenovo ID ... I registered the handset and so far nothing ... can anyone help me?

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I have a Moto Z Force, I was wondering if my phone is capable for use on a wireless charger pad or stand up charger? My phone just had aasoftware update and I found a page in, "settings" stating, I could use a wireless charger. So I am looking for information, if my Moto Z Force is capable of wireless charging and if so, what wireless charger pad or stand up, should I look for? Thank you for your help!

Blue Screen Again

I liked the video. It explains well when the phone heats up. My Moto G5 only heats up when I overuse, playing for example ... More I know this is normal ... More is great to have a video explaining this to more lay people