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Motorola Admin

These videos are pretty funny. I actually like the second better ("would you rather") but this one is funny.

Think you could you keep your hands off your phone? Watch Ashton Kutcher find out what happens when these people try. #MotoX #phonelove


Broadband 3G

Yes! Not a problem! My Droid Turbo with Moto Assist, Actions, Voice, and DIsplay make it virtually hands free. yes

It's funny, I ran a similar experiment a few months ago with my daughter (who is an adult) who has an iPhone 6 and she completely freaked out after less than two minutes of her phone being out of reach, but still within range of hearing her. laugh

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Nice to see Ashton getting to work with Moto now.  I wish I could have when I was at Lenovo!


HAL 9000 is a reality now, haha! 

What's DOS?

Es increible Lo Que an Hecho motonovo jajajaj jajajaj

Moto Assist, es muy bueno..pero quiero probar la función que trae motorola x play ya mero lo compro en moto maker. Saludos.

What's DOS?
In moto G3 XT1550 system apps always use 1/4 of the ram.... And apps also like this.... Balance only 1 GB....
What's DOS?
A)eu nunca criptografado moto g 2 geração LTE brasileiro
What's DOS?

Hey, Motorola!  Just put a home button on your phones!!!  DONE.  Copy that other company (sam), and now we don't have to complain, we don't need thousands of blogs, and no need for apps to wake up your screen!!  Just hit the center button.  Like I do with my SAM phones.  This is the only reason I won't use Moto phones.  Driving for Uber, we need to keep waking up screens every minute!  And I don't have time to fumble with crappy apps or any other crap.

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What's DOS?
Guys does Moto X force releasing in India or not
What's DOS?
When will Moto G 3rd gen will get marshmallow
What's DOS?
Anybody got marshmallow here
What's DOS?
So wats the best thing everyone thinks in Motorola
Punch Card

Now I know why he sucked as Steve Jobs: he was sabotaging the movie in favor of Motorola! cheekydevil

What's DOS?
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