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Welcome to the Future!

"Hi. Glad you could make it.


Welcome to our new Motorola Owners' Forums. We have a new look and feel, plus many new tools and features -- with more to come.


First things first -- let's get logged in if you have not done so already. (This is only for current members of the Motorola Owners' Forums who are signing in here for the first time. If you are a new member, click "Sign Up" and follow the directions.)


  1. Click the "Sign in" icon over there at the upper-right of the page. When you get to the "Lenovo ID" page, be sure to use the "Sign in" option so we link you to your existing account. If you use "Sign up" you will either create a new account or be told that email is already in use. If you find you have the option to "claim" your old account - DON'T. You are in the wrong place. Back away. Go to No. 3 below. NOTE: That link also has an email account you can use to ask for help if you are stuck.
  2. For "Lenovo ID" use the same email address you use on the previous Motorola Owners' Forum, and the same password. This is the single most important thing to remember, and the source of most of the errors we're seeing. If you are not 100% sure what email you used previously, go check. If you get it wrong it will be a challenge to link you up with your existing account.
  3. Need more instructions or help? Click here for more details. 
  4. You may see that your User Name has been changed. This may happen if there was an issue with duplicate names. If you need to change your name, please send a PM to Agent Suny for help. Give her your current and desired name. (Be sure it fits our site rules. Note that this is only available for names changed in the transition. As a rule, we would rather not see name changes.)
  5. If you have an existing Facebook or Google ID, you can associate either of those with your Forum IDs through your Profile Page (My Settings > Profile Page) once you are logged in. You can then sign into the forum with your Facebook or Google log-in info. But first, use your existing email and password to register.


Second, a few tips to help you get around. 


  1. Set your phone model, carrier and IMEI Click on your own user name up there in right-hand corner, and choose "My Settings" from the dropdown, and then "Personal Profile." Scroll down to fill in these categories. Please do include your IMEI or serial number. It really helps if we want to troubleshoot any issues.
  2. Joining the Motorola Feedback Network Scroll even further down on that same screen ("My Settings" > "Personal Profile") to find the links for opting in to the MFN and registering and opting in your phones. This has not changed from how it used to work, and if you are already a member you don't need to do anything. You will need to log into your My Stuff page to complete this.
  3. Options galore In your Settings area you can find a host of options to personalize how you interact here on the forums, and how you can be notified of new posts and activity. Upload a new photo or avatar, and much more. Make it yours.
  4. New navigation We've re-grouped our active communities in a new, more intuitive way, while retiring and archiving more than 130 communities that are no longer active. You can still search and read all the archived content.
  5. New points and status Although our Moto forums are completely separate from Lenovo communities, sharing the same community tool means we also share how points and status works. You'll see a new, blended system that accomodates mobile and traditional communication and computing. We expect to tweek and grow the status system going forward. It may not make much sense now; look for a list of the levels and an explanation of them shortly.

You are going to have questions and suggestions. Please post them on this blog as replies and we'll review and respond. Thanks!


We have received the most incredible support from our Lenovo partners during this move. In truth, they have done virtually everything to make this happen. There are many I'd like to thank, including Phil and Pete, but most especially Gina and Mark, who worked insane hours, carefully reviewed infinite details, complusively tested everything -- all while doing their best to hear and accomodate our wishes. Unending gratitude to you all.


I also have to thank our own super-duper MOTOXPRTs for their help, input and support, not just during this move but 365 days a year, and sometimes 366.


Watch this space for more news and updates on the new site!


- Matt

Moto Sr Moderator

It's absolutely awesome to be here, and I'm looking forward to helping familiar faces and meeting new ones.


Matt, I have to agree that the Lenovo team has been fabulous!


Now, to get all settled-in in our new digs!   Smiley Very Happy




I'mmm baaaaack - Well sell my clothes I'm a goin to heaven Smiley Very Happy


Thanks Matt and all!

Moto Sr Moderator

Great to see you, oh great obiwan2000!  Glad you made the trip safely!

Broadband 3G

New community looks cool, time for a test drive!

Moto Sr Moderator

Welcome, @JasonvandeLaar!  Glad to see you made the trip safely!


Annnnd here we are! Looking forward to using the new forums! Thanks for all your hard work!

Moto Sr Moderator

Welcome, @salim_awad!  Good to see you here!

Token Ring

I'm here, too!


Whew! It's good to finally set these suitcases down... 


I see my user "transition" name now has an underscore... which I'm assuming is because I had two Moto forum accounts previously, (princesspooh and princess.pooh).


I've updated my profile here with my correct info (IMEI, carrier, location... which oddly had me located in Israel).


  1. Is there a location on this site to find my registered products (or is that still over in Motorola land)?
  2. As my original Motorola forum account was under a different email (and that is where some of my initial Moto X posts and documentation reside), do I need to also sign in with that account? 

Edited to add: I can hear you... no groaning. Smiley LOL

Moto Sr Moderator

@Princess_pooh, if you'll look up at the top at Matt's post, you'll see he provides a link to contact Agent Suny if you have any problems/questions about your user name.  We want to be sure and clear up anything in the user database now, so everything gets off to a clean start.


When you click your own name at the top of the page, you'll find instructions on the lower half of the page to make sure you registered your products.  If you try to register a product that's already registered, it will tell you.


Glad to see your jet plane landed safely!    :-D

Token Ring

@crystallet ~


Thank you for the navigational tips.


I'm still fumbling my way around in the dark here in our new digs, and my phone is in my suitcase so I can't use the flashlight. Smiley Surprised


Moto Sr Moderator

We're here to help, Princess.  And if we haven't figured it out yet, we'll ask.


This is a much more feature-rich platform than the one we were on, and we want to be sure that all of our forum members have a great experience here.   :-)


Well, it's nice to be here at last.  I think that it is going to take me some time to get used to the new navigation around the device communities. 


One thing I really like is having the rich text editor (plus the option to use HTML) to punch up our posts. 

Moto Sr Moderator

It's going to take a little time for all of us, but you're here and that's what matters!


Thanks for joining!


Punch Card
OMG..."What is DOS? " LOL!

Glad to be here as well.  Thanks to all.


Just a tip I posted in the Droid Turbo 2 forum:


If you get stuck in desktop mode on a mobile device, the forum adds a parameter, device-view=deaktop, to the end of the url.  To get back to mobile format, change it to device-view=mobile



Fanfold Paper, Paper Tape, Tolken Ring bringing back those oldies but goodies.


Can I get a paper tape reader for my Droid and where are those punched cards Smiley Very HappySmiley Wink

Fanfold Paper
So no need to do anything with Motorola feedback network?
Moto Sr Moderator

In your profile, you'll see instructions to check/update your device and MFN information.

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I've found that this new community is very sluggish for me. I'm running chrome on my kindle to read it, and performance has been decent on the old forum, and other forums. This forum takes much longer to load. I'm assuming it must have more significant JavaScript involved.


Anybody else experiencing this?

Punch Card

I may feel better about it when my old profile get forwarded.  I am starting all over after years on the forum.  Hope Agent_Suny can take care of it.

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I guess I'm in the right place. We'll see.

Lewwill, the problem appears to be the email account you logged in with. You have to use the one associated with your old account. I will PM you.

Fanfold Paper
When using phone and have it on desktop/full version I'm unable to pinch to zoom or tap to fit page. Have to scroll left,right,up,down to view whole page. Id there a fix for this?


Moto Sr Moderator

*waves* back atcha, @Sri2702!  So happy to see you!

What does this mean? You ranked up to Moto Emeritus rank! yesterday
Moto Sr Moderator

Who did?

Bit Torrent

I received the exact same notification this morning that BobFire mentioned.  When I click it, it takes me to my Profile page.


Same here ... I received a Notification saying "You ranked up to Moto Emeritus rank!" and a PM saying "As the result of your contributions to the community, you have earned a new rank. Your new rank is 802.11n."  That's the same rank I had when I first signed into the forum Tuesday.


All my previous posts, comments gone? Any way to get them back?

Moto Sr Moderator

@Bubai2013, did you log in with the same email address you used in the old forum? 


@Crystallet, yes.. I am logged in with the same.. here is the previous one's SS. I had messaged you if you remember abouth this new forum. 

Moto Sr Moderator

@Bubai2013, read Matt's post at the top of this thread, and click the link to send a PM to Agent_Suny.  She will do her best to help you straighten everything out.


 @crystallet, Thanks a lot. I will PM her soon. Can you help me with one more query ? Is there any way to set a image as avatar which is uploaded to my profile?

Moto Sr Moderator

Yes.  There are a lot of customization settings in Lithium.  Just click your name up at the top and then select Settings.


Thanks. Got It.

Former Administrator

Apaulct, Bobfire, Sajokaz,


Regarding Xprt Emeritus notifications....  This was a glitch which I don't believe will continue.  Here is what happened from what I can tell...


When you rank up, the system sends you a congratulatory message.


Ranks are controlled 2 ways - by achievement of specific combinations (even complex forumulas) of activities like messages read, posts made, solving discussions, giving receiving kudos, etc, OR by being administratively given a particular role or set of permissions.


Administratively configured ranks controlled by roles (which control permissions) like moderators MotoXXPRTs, or XPRT emeritus may not have other required stat qualifcations required by the system.


MotoXprt Emeritus was being set up in the system as a rank and was probably saved momentarily without the matching role connected to it.  As a result, the system temporarily placed people into that rank (probably for less than a min) and then once the role was properly connected, the system reverted to the proper ranks that the member qualified for.


Human err.  Smiley Embarassed


Sorry for the confusion.


On another note, I'm sure we can work with  Matt and his team to work through some of these account connection issues. When we first implemented Lenovo ID in Dec 2014, we had a period of some confusion with Lenovo customers but it settled down.  We are working on a more pictorial set of instructions that will be relevant for Motorola customers and should help.


Thanks for being so patient and supportive of this move!  Matt has an amazing team and customer community!


Best regards,




Thanks Mark!


We're getting many of these registration issues straightened out, restoring the correct account to folks who have more than one. In many of the cases -- not all -- the confusion started when a member logged in using an email address not associated with the account they wanted to claim. So if you're reading this, be careful!


Princess Pooh, I am sorry to say that we can't merge accounts. The best I can offer is that if you pick the one you want we'll make sure the other can't be logged in.


Still a couple of cases we're trying to figure out. Stay tuned.

Bit Torrent

Thanks for the explanation Mark!

Former Administrator



The current desktop UI has some responsive components in it, but we are working toward a full responsive release targeted for the 2nd half of March.   At that point, the adaptive mobile version will go away and you should be able to make much better use of the full version which will reformat for phone, tablet and PC.   We know there are some browser issues with IE 11 and Edge (for people using Windows PC) and I can imagine there may be very different experiences depending on resolution of your phone.   We are trying to address a few glitches in this first release (missing new reply column on board lists, some missing view all posts from your profile, etc, and will be  addressing more ofthe usability issues in the late March release.




Performance - yes, we'd like to see it pick up a bit.   We have probes in place and are seeing typically <2 page loads.  I'd like to see a bit more snap then that.   Our UI just rolled out 2/29 so we are still fixing things and tuning things.   


Thanks for your patience!




Thank for a great explanation, Mark!

Token Ring
@ Mark ~ Thank you for the explanation as I also received the same Moto Emeritus email and notification.

@ Matt ~ Not sure which account to use as the oldest one has the majority of posts/activity, and the AOL email associated with that one is the one where my XPE purchase receipts reside.

However, most of my XPE posting and my MotoCare warranty has been with this account and associated Gmail address.

I understand it you cannot merge the accounts, but how do marry up my XPE "My Stuff" when it is spread across two accounts and sign ins? (Does that make sense the way I explained it?)
Punch Card

I still have not been able to link my Google Login with my profile. I've looked all over My Settings within my profile but have not seen this option. Can anyone help?

Token Ring

@ radgatt ~


Sign out first, then go back to the sign in page.


At the bottom of the sign in box are several other log in options... the one on the far right is the Google sign in. Click on that, and it will then ask you to authorize connecting your Google account with the Lenovo website.

Punch Card



When I try that it tells me...


A Lenovo ID associated with this email address already exists


I am also unsure how to @mention anyone properly. Can someone tell me how to do that as well?


Princess_pooh I think so. Wondering -- can you do it yourself, by simply picking the account that matches you current forum sign-in email and registering all your products there? I don't know if that works. If you want to PM me with the details of the two accounts I can look into it.

Token Ring

@Matt ~ I think I will PM you, as it's rather complicated... and I don't want to bog down this thread with details.


That said, I cannot log in with my original, old user name email address and password for my princesspooh (no punctuation between princess and pooh). I tried that already and it says it is not a valid Lenovo ID.


Let me go compose a concise, cogent PM with the details. Be warned, it may be long... :/

Token Ring

@radgatt ~



A Lenovo ID associated with this email address already exists


As I recall -- and if I understand you correctly -- you don't have to enter your log in information (email and password) on the log in page after you've logged out. You just click on the Google "G" box on the bottom right, and it says something to the effect of "You can also choose the following ways to login." (There are a few options there... to include Facebook.)


I am also unsure how to @mention anyone properly. Can someone tell me how to do that as well?


This blog is not the same as quoting in the forum. On this blog, if you use the quote button above the text box, you'll only quote the text from the original blog post.


However, on a forum post, use the "Reply" button directly below the post you wish to respond to and quote... then when the text box opens, tap on the "Quote" button on the top, right of the box.


That comes with a caveat... you cannot quote from your mobile device in the mobile browser, (at least not that I've been able to discover).

Punch Card

@Princess, Every time I clicked on the G at the bottom it gives me that error message. It will not allow me to bind my Google account and my Lenovo ID like I was able to do on the old forums. I believe it is because I have the same email address for both accounts. I don't want to use Facebook or Twitter. My Google account has posts that I made in the old forums and I was under the understanding that I was supposed to be able to get access to those on this new forum we have now.


As far as the quoting is concerned, for some reason I am not able to quote on this blog but I can quote on posts from other threads. I see the quick reply and reply buttons on the other threads and posts but not from this blog post. 


Any other suggestions? Do you know how to possibly escalate this?