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Welcome to the Future!

"Hi. Glad you could make it.


Welcome to our new Motorola Owners' Forums. We have a new look and feel, plus many new tools and features -- with more to come.


First things first -- let's get logged in if you have not done so already. (This is only for current members of the Motorola Owners' Forums who are signing in here for the first time. If you are a new member, click "Sign Up" and follow the directions.)


  1. Click the "Sign in" icon over there at the upper-right of the page. When you get to the "Lenovo ID" page, be sure to use the "Sign in" option so we link you to your existing account. If you use "Sign up" you will either create a new account or be told that email is already in use. If you find you have the option to "claim" your old account - DON'T. You are in the wrong place. Back away. Go to No. 3 below. NOTE: That link also has an email account you can use to ask for help if you are stuck.
  2. For "Lenovo ID" use the same email address you use on the previous Motorola Owners' Forum, and the same password. This is the single most important thing to remember, and the source of most of the errors we're seeing. If you are not 100% sure what email you used previously, go check. If you get it wrong it will be a challenge to link you up with your existing account.
  3. Need more instructions or help? Click here for more details. 
  4. You may see that your User Name has been changed. This may happen if there was an issue with duplicate names. If you need to change your name, please send a PM to Agent Suny for help. Give her your current and desired name. (Be sure it fits our site rules. Note that this is only available for names changed in the transition. As a rule, we would rather not see name changes.)
  5. If you have an existing Facebook or Google ID, you can associate either of those with your Forum IDs through your Profile Page (My Settings > Profile Page) once you are logged in. You can then sign into the forum with your Facebook or Google log-in info. But first, use your existing email and password to register.


Second, a few tips to help you get around. 


  1. Set your phone model, carrier and IMEI Click on your own user name up there in right-hand corner, and choose "My Settings" from the dropdown, and then "Personal Profile." Scroll down to fill in these categories. Please do include your IMEI or serial number. It really helps if we want to troubleshoot any issues.
  2. Joining the Motorola Feedback Network Scroll even further down on that same screen ("My Settings" > "Personal Profile") to find the links for opting in to the MFN and registering and opting in your phones. This has not changed from how it used to work, and if you are already a member you don't need to do anything. You will need to log into your My Stuff page to complete this.
  3. Options galore In your Settings area you can find a host of options to personalize how you interact here on the forums, and how you can be notified of new posts and activity. Upload a new photo or avatar, and much more. Make it yours.
  4. New navigation We've re-grouped our active communities in a new, more intuitive way, while retiring and archiving more than 130 communities that are no longer active. You can still search and read all the archived content.
  5. New points and status Although our Moto forums are completely separate from Lenovo communities, sharing the same community tool means we also share how points and status works. You'll see a new, blended system that accomodates mobile and traditional communication and computing. We expect to tweek and grow the status system going forward. It may not make much sense now; look for a list of the levels and an explanation of them shortly.

You are going to have questions and suggestions. Please post them on this blog as replies and we'll review and respond. Thanks!


We have received the most incredible support from our Lenovo partners during this move. In truth, they have done virtually everything to make this happen. There are many I'd like to thank, including Phil and Pete, but most especially Gina and Mark, who worked insane hours, carefully reviewed infinite details, complusively tested everything -- all while doing their best to hear and accomodate our wishes. Unending gratitude to you all.


I also have to thank our own super-duper MOTOXPRTs for their help, input and support, not just during this move but 365 days a year, and sometimes 366.


Watch this space for more news and updates on the new site!


- Matt

Moto Sr Moderator

@radgatt, in this blog thread, you can't quote and you can't reply.  I guess it's set up that way because it's meant to be comments about the original blog post, and not discussions amongst ourselves.


Reply and quote work in the regular forum threads.


I'm thinking that Comments in Matt's Blog post aren't the best way to sort out questions/concerns about the new Lenova/Lithium platform.  I don't think answers made here would be very 'Searchable'.


I suggest that those should be posted, with a clear Subject line with the issue defined, in the Forum Feedback Forum. That way the topic wouldn't be Device-specific, searchable by all participants.




Also, I've learned that Comments here can't be edited, either ... hence this additional Comment. Smiley Surprised


Oooops ... just found the Edit button!

Punch Card

Who would I need to speak to so I can link my Google account and my Lenovo ID? The login page option is not working for me since my Google ID and my Lenovo ID have the same email address.


radgatt, want to be a test pilot? You could post that issue in the Feedbck Forum:

Moto Sr Moderator

No, please, @radgatt @tominbristol.  Matt provides a link in his post to contact Agent_Suny for login/profile issues.  Please click that link and send Agent_Suny a PM.

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Just to jump in with THANKS for the improved mobile interface! It's a ton easier to follow - and participate - on the phone.
Fanfold Paper

Smiley Very Happy New forums Smiley Happy

Core Memory
Let's get updated
Core Memory

updated to Marshmallow just about an hour ago. Download went smoothly and relatively quickly, being that i received and installed both of them in less than an hour.  Stay tuned for updates i have not had free time to play with it yet.

Punch Card

I could not log into this new forum with my previous forum credentials.  Previously I logged in through google.  It did find my email address and I chose to reset pasword and it work.  But now I think it is not linked to my google account.


Sign out and then sign in with google, it will tell u that an account with this email already exists, enter ur password and click create and bind and voila!

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that did not work for me.

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Welcome everyone. I'm liking this. I've been busy lately and just now got around to spending some time looking around. I love the ability to work in a mobile browser more easily! Feedback will be given!

rinconmike2, looks like you have claimed the correct account, right? If you want to change your email you can do that under My Settings > Email.

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Woohoo! I'm back!
nice improved UI
Broadband 3G

I finally found my way here. Been traveling and finally got the time to get in and make the transition. WOW... So far it looks pretty cool!

How to upload screenshot or image on post
Paper Tape


What's DOS?


Does anyone know who I can talk to about product design and idea submission? I have spoken with several people and the best they could do was refer me to this forum.



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Team, I am a problem with my new moto g4 plus. My device not restarts regularly but sometime i found that it restart. I also contact with Motorola online support team. They advice me to run the phone in safe mode & after some time install 3rd party apps one by one to find which app causes the issue. But at that troubleshooting time nothing has found & the device reacted normally. But last couple of day I found phone restarts once in a day. Please suggest is this any hardware related issue?? Shall I change the device?? quick response is highly appreciated
What's DOS?

Is there anywhere I can find directions to transfer photos from my moto x phone to my pc?

Paper Tape

testing adding a post


Paper Tape

I recently bought a Moto G5s. Everything looks cool apart from one thing. The device's vibration is really noisy, unlike other Moto phones. Will this be taken care in a future update?

What's DOS?

Como desactivar el beep al subir o bajar el volumen es algo molesto si traes audífonos

What's DOS?

Dear all

When I open the File Explorer in my Moto One I can see all the documents, downloads ,images etc without problem.

As I want to order the information, I go to " internal storage " and I create new files.

Then I copy and past in this new files some of the images, documents etc that are in the downloads, images. But when I try to open the  copy of the information which is located in the new file the screen turns black.

Please can you help me to fix the issue ? Thanks 

What's DOS?

Hola buenas tardes. He tenido problemas con la referencia Moto g6 play .lo compré desde abril y se descarga rápido aunque en realidad no lo utilizo mucho y ahora se empieza a apagar de un momento a otro y cuando se prende queda con la pantalla azul por unos minutos antes. En realidad es que ni aplicaciones tengo solo WhatsApp y facebook y ni le he dado bastante uso para que ya esté fallando y lo peor es que ya dos veces lo he llevado con garantía pero eso es perdido..

And We're back...

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