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Blue Screen Again
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Project Treble on Nexus 6

Hi. I'm Yvan Brunel.
I am an advanced user and a junior developer.
I wish to know if there is any possibility, even a slight one ,to be to enable treble for my Shamu?

I know many will say buy a new device, yeah I know. But I can't now and I'm motivated to give Shamu some more life. This device is still quite nice.

I can't build ROM cause of lack of resources to do so (good PC and internet) but I know enabljng treble will boost it's its life span to a mile.

I am sure it isn't impossible I am just pleading for Motorola's cooperation to help me out with the necessary files they know will by handy to "treblize" I'll do it myself.

I really need it guys. I've been looking for Android P Alpha builds to help fix bugs but I couldn't find any so I come here. I'm quite good at bug fixing. I just can't build now.

Anyway,talked to much

Hoping and praying for a response from moto devs🙇🏽‍♂️🙏🏽. Nice day/evening.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Project Treble on Nexus 6

Google, Pie for Motorola Nexus 6 XDA, and you will find what you are looking for.
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