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Can I use a 2A charger instead of a 1.5A on my IdeaTab A2107A-H?


I want to know if I can use a 2A charger instead of 1.5? Will it not affect, destroy or blow up my tablet?

Original Charger

MODEL: HKA00905015-4C
INPUT: 100-240V 50/60Hz 0.25A
OUTPUT: 5.0V 1.5A

I'm from Philippines, I can't find a 1.5A charger only 2A is available.



 A 0.5A difference won't hurt the tablet as long as they have the same voltage. Just make sure you get a good quality charger, not those cheap ones as they tend to break down easily and might damage the machine if they short circuit.


If you are afraid something bad might happen, you can always purchase a special converter that is able to change the ampere and voltage accordingly. You can go to electronic shops to seek advice on this.

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