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How to remove app icons from home screens


Being a new android user,  when I got my IdeaPad K1 tablet,  I put some apps on one of the 5 home screens.


How can I remove the ones that I no longer want?


You can press and hold the icon unti the garbage bin icon appears on the top right of the sceen. Click on the garbage icon to delete the icon your currently pressing.


Additionally, if you just wish to move the icon to another screen or to another location on the screen, press and hold and then drag the icon to move it.

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lmgv95811 On 2015-01-30, 22:25 PM

So you tell me how to get rid of an app. How do I fing the Original Weather/Clock app that came with my Lenovo A10-70. Tablet???

nyartist On 2015-06-17, 9:22 AM

Whenever I press and hold an icon the garbage bin icon does NOT appear. Anyone know why?

John_Tablet On 2019-11-04, 18:25 PM

New Lenovo M10 has same problem: no garbage icon appears. In general bad ability to move apps & create folders.

JanetofNQ On 2020-02-05, 9:35 AM

On my P10 I have managed to duplicate the Lenovo Tips icon and I want to remove the second, unnecessary, icon. No matter for how long I hold the icon at the top of the screen, absolutely nothing happens. Can anyone offer any assistance please?

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