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IdeaPad A1 stuck in boot loop after OTA Update to ICS



I installed the Android 4.0 ICS update on my Gingerbread A1 from recovery mode. Upon finishing, it tries to reboot into the Android system. However, the tablet is stuck at the "Android" logo loading screen (the logo swirls like it's supposed to) but it won't actually boot into the tablet.


 I've let it sit at the loading screen longer than 45 minutes twice but the system still behaves this way.  I attempted to boot into the system recovery mode.  I can get into the recovery mode (power + vol -) and when I choose the "wipe data(factory reset) option I get this:


A logo on the screen of a big white triangle with a yellow ! in the middle with the green android to the side.  On the bottom of the screen it says:

"Wipe data ok.

Wipe cache ok.


Can't install factory data!


You can restart system now."


After rebooting, all it does is stay stuck at the Android logo.  




Follow the instructions in this Knowledge Base article to rectify the problem, use the A1107 ICS image that corresponds with the amount of storage that your tablet has:



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Acidiumsix On 2016-10-23, 0:10 AM

mine is stuck at the chrome sign in since i updated the android os... says i need to sign in to google.. and this screen interrupts everything i attempt to do with my tablet..even my tablet settings.. and even after and up/down factory reset which showed the same triangle with same options..tried returning tablet (that came with cracked screen)  & they claim theres no record of me buying the insurance at the time of payment so the tablet that i bought and kept safely boxed for almost a year before using the first time is now totally unusable ..and it auto-wiped/reformatted the SD card removing  all my photos that were stored on my SD card that came from my camera the instant i put it in the slot.. great product great insurance/warranty, great customer support.. this tablet is good for one thing...It will make a great patch for the hole i punch in the wall out of the pure frustration lenovo and associates have gifted me.  Thanks..

emann On 2018-11-17, 3:28 AM

My Tab3 will not load Android after entering correct pattern.

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