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Introducing the new Lenovo Moto Smart Assistant


DISCLAIMER: The software is not yet available for all tablets and phones, please note that we are slowly enabling more and more devices.


If you own a Lenovo Android tablet or mobile the Lenovo Moto Smart Assistant (LMSA) is your one-stop-shop for all of your support needs. The LMSA allows you to manage your device, troubleshoot, upgrade your firmware, run a recovery and so much more.


Lenovo Moto Smart Assistant Download



Connecting to the software is as easy as pie. After downloading and installing you will see this interface. From the DEVICE interface, you are able to connect your device to LMSA.



You are given the option of connecting via USB or WiFi.






The FLASH Menu allows you to Upgrade the current firmware on your tablet. You are also able to rescue your tablet and reset to factory settings if you run into trouble.







The FORUM tab brings you here, to our Lenovo Community. Here you can have quick access to real time discussions and solutions around your Lenovo devices.







The TIPS section takes you to a repository of Lenovo Support & Community curated tips for your device.







The CHAT window introduces you to our Super Smart Virtual Assistant Moli. With the power of AI she can be of great help to you. 







Finally, the TOOLBOX allows you to manage your device and do cool things like creating a ringtone from your existing music collecting!



This is really just a brief introduction of the many things you can do with this powerful software. Download it today and experience the future of support!

These are the devices that are currently compatible, more being added soon:




Lenovo Tab E10


Lenovo PHAB2

Lenovo TAB P10

Lenovo TAB M10

Lenovo TAB4 10 REL

Lenovo TAB 8

Lenovo TAB 7

Lenovo TAB 7





Moto Z (Droid)

Moto Z Force Droid

Moto Z

Moto G (4th Generation)

Moto E (4th Generation) Plus

Moto E (4th Generation)

Moto Z (2nd Generation)

Moto G5

Moto G5 Plus

Moto G (4th Generation) Play

Moto G (5th Gen S)

Moto Z Play (2nd Generation)

Moto G Plus (5th Gen S)

Moto Z Play (Droid)

Moto Z Play


Moto X (4th Gen)

Moto G Play (6th Gen)

Moto E (5th Gen)

Moto G Plus (6th Gen)

Moto G (6th Gen)

Moto E Plus (5th Gen)

Moto KS (TBD)

Moto K Note(Moto one power)

Moto Z Play (3rd Gen)

Moto Z (3rd Gen)

Moto E Play (5th Gen)

Moto G Plus (4th Gen)

Moto E (4th Generation) Plus

Moto C Plus

Moto E (4th Generation)

Moto E3

Moto E3 Power

Moto C





Lenovo VIBE K6

Lenovo VIBE K6 Note

Lenovo VIBE K6 Power

Lenovo VIBE K5

Lenovo VIBE K5 Plus


Kraft ROW

Lenovo PHAB2

Lenovo A6010

Lenovo VIBE Shot

YOGA TAB 3 10''

Lenovo A7010

Lenovo P1m

Lenovo A Plus

Lenovo VIBE P1

"Lenovo VIBE B (Except Mexico)"

"Lenovo B (EMEA+ Mexico)"

Lenovo K8

Lenovo K8 Plus

Lenovo K8 Note

Lenovo K9

Lenovo VIBE K5 Note

Lenovo A6600


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archon810 On 2018-12-10, 19:10 PM

Sorry, what's new about this specifically, could you please clarify? Lenovo Moto Smart Assistant has existed for a while, right?

neteditor On 2019-01-06, 12:38 PM

Does this app conflict with Amazon Alexa app?


My brand new Tab 4 10 with Smart Assistant is having a lot of problems (https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Lenovo-Android-based-Tablets-and/Tab-4-10-with-Smart-Assistant-help-needed/td-p/4320973)



diogomartins132 On 2019-10-09, 0:22 AM

Oi, comprei um fone tipo c, para o Motorola one, queria saber como faço para funcionar, não consigo fazer funcionar!!!!

Ashok_Vardhan On 2020-02-19, 20:06 PM


Could you please release the ROM for: Lenovo Tab M8 (FHD) (TB-8705F)

Enable support for Lenovo Tab M8 (FHD) (TB-8705F) in LSMA please.

Thank you.

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