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S6000 not accessible by PC via USB


I am not able to transfer files between my PC with Windows 7 and S6000 via the USB cable. 


The documentation says the PC should recognize it as a drive and be able to transfer files, but it does not.  The PC recognizes it as a device, but the two drives (E and F, in this case) are grayed out not accessible. 


I contacted Lenovo support but no help.  There is no drivers/documentation on the Lenovo site.


Any help?


A forum user had this issue as well until he/she found a solution:


  1. Connect your S6000 tablet to the computer via USB cable.
  2. Look for a small USB information box in the upper left hand corner of the display in S6000. 
  3. Drag the menu and change the storage option and follow the prompts.
  4. Wwhen you have done all your transfers simply toggle it back and you are good to go.


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hga On 2014-03-03, 13:37 PM

I cannot connect internet via USB and PC.

Have S6000F WIFI


No problems with WIFI connection.


What to do?

NetAktiv On 2014-08-29, 16:27 PM



I followed the suggestion above and under Windows 7 I saw the tablet as disk E: instead of the formerly shown external portable device. But when I tried to access the data on thge disk then I got the error message media not accessible and in the computer administration for data storages I found the message no media.


Any suggestion?

Regards, Rainer



lao2yang On 2015-01-28, 7:04 AM

I tried it but the usb on the tablet don't even show up on mine.

hooshyarjavid On 2015-06-05, 14:07 PM



My Tablet is hanged when it is download due to reduce the empty space on memory.


now it does not turn on and I can not the usb sighn on top of screen.


do you have solution?

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