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What should I do if the Power button doesn't work on my K1 tablet?


The power button of my K1 tablet suddenly seemed to stop working. The only way to get the screen back on is to plug in the charger to the tablet.


side k1.jpgTry charging the tablet fully overnight, then try restarting from battery.  Note that if the system is fully shut down, you must press and hold the power button for several seconds to start the boot process.  The two white LEDs on the right side of the tablet will flash as once as the system starts.


If charging it overnight does not help, you may attempt a hard reset by pressing the power button while holding both volume buttons.  


If the tablet indicates full charge and will not power on other than when connected with charger input, then contact the nearest Lenovo Service Center or call technical support to continue problem determination and arrange service.

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JiminRaleigh On 2013-08-08, 2:09 AM

Have had this problem.... no response from pressing plastic power button PROBABLY means that the switch behind the plastic button has been pushed off the mother board.  VERY common problem with K1 tablet (too light on solder)).

Fix is to open back cover with xacto knife and small screwdriver, remove 4 screws holding metalized frame....then CAREFULLY remove the 2 screws holding the circuit (sub) board that mounts the power switch. 

Take a magnifying glass and look at the board where the power button comes into the K1.  If the switch is still on the board....the problem is software or power as shown above.  If it is NOT on the board....carefully try to locate it inside the assembly.  I took a large, white towel and inverted the K1 and gently shook it....the 1/4-inch square power switch fell out onto the towel. 


I tinned the tabs and resoldered to the sub board and it works fine.


If you do not have a "small" soldering iron, don't try this.  Get someone to help. 

Good luck.


Manos On 2016-02-07, 7:58 AM

I do my tablet boot when I do software update and now it isn't open 

I do reset but it isn't open AGAIN



Please help me 

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