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A1 - How do I stop the Music App on my tablet when I am done listening to a track?

by Lenovo Staff on ‎02-16-2012 08:04 PM (1,946 Views)


How do I turn off Listen when I have finished listening to what I want? Also, I have copied albums across from Media Player on my laptop and the tracks appear, and play, in alphabetical order on the A1. Also some artists are recognised on the A1 while some are not. 


To stop the Music app on your device, pause the current track and leave the application by hitting the home button or back button.


Android recognizes Artist, Album, Track, and Cover Art information based on tags that are inside the MP3. These are generally provided by the vendor if you purchased the MP3s or by the software used to rip the MP3s from CD.  You may be able to get Media Player to apply them after the fact by updating the album info inside Media Player, then copying the MP3s over to the tablet.


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