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Internal card is 16 GB, is probably divided to at least two partitions and for system/apps is allocated only 512 MB.

I have installed only few apps and if possible, moved them to the second partition (data/media), but when updating apps from GooglePlay, system warns me, that I am running out of space (have 150 MB free on system partition and 13 GB free on data partition).


For example, Chrome browser takes away 71 MB from 512 MB internal storage and cannot be moved to internal USB storage (data/media), the same is for Google Disk, Google Plus, Google News etc.


Why isn't the system/app partition at least 1GB in size, surely others hit the same problem as I. Does Lenovo know about this issue and planning to address this with an update? If not, is there an easy way to resize or merge partitions?




Early releases of A1000 tablets shipped with a partition allocation that resulted in limited free space to update and install applications.  Lenovo has addressed this via OTA update :

Country / Region specific images containing this update should be forthcoming
 To manually check for an update, make sure that you are connected via WIFI.


Go to Settings > About Tablet > System Update


Depending on your starting image version vs the latest version available, you may need to update more than once.


Please NOTE: This update WILL erase everything from your tablet!


Be sure to create a backup on any user data you wish to preserve including apps, photos,  files, etc.


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a lot of people have still the same problem with the small partition. We didn't get updates newest than no.18 (I've got at service Lenovo) A1000F_A412_01_18_130508_ROW.


Update has been released for this issue and is now available for Indian customers.