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Can't sync my K1 with my Laptop

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Started ‎10-20-2011 by
Modified ‎10-20-2011 by


IdeaPad Slate Tablet K1 - What do I do if I cannot connect my K1 to the Synchronization Software on my PC through a USB cable?


If you are unable to connect your K1 to the Synchronization Software on your PC through a USB cable, please do the following:


Step 1 -Configure the following on your IdeaPad Tablet K1

Go to “Settings”, choose “Applications”, and then go to “Development”.

Make sure that the “USB debugging” has been checked, as Fig.1 shows.





Step 2: Plug USB cable into PC, as Fig.2 shows.


Fig. 2


Step 3: Open Device Manager

Open “Device manager” in PC, you can see “Portable Devices-K1”, as Fig.3 shows.


Fig. 3


Right-click “K1”, choose “uninstall”, and this device will disappear.

Right-click any items in “Device manager”, and then choose “scan for hardware changes”. Two devices will appear, as Fig.4 shows.



Fig. 4


Step 4: Synchronization Software

Open Synchronization Software, and click “Refresh”. “IdeaPad Tablet K1” will appear in Synchronization Software, as Fig.5 shows.




You will now be able to synchronize your IdeaPad K1 with your PC.


by catosmr on ‎01-30-2012 01:07 PM

I was so hoping these instructions would solve my identical issue, but ... sadly, no.


I connect my Windows 7 laptop to the K1 with the supplied cable, and in LeTools, nothing appears in the USB discovered devices section (or in the WiFi connections section for that matter).


Any other suggestions?