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Can the Bluetooth headset be paired with the K1 to stream music? (A2DP)

by on ‎11-16-2011 01:23 AM (1,887 Views)


Can I stream music from the K1 to a Bluetooth headset?


Yes, you can stream music from the K1 to the Bluetooth headset.


  1. On the K1, go to settings
  2. Select Wireless & networks
  3. Ensure Bluetooth is turned on

  4. Select "Find nearby devices" below (See screenshot above)
  5. Select your Bluetooth device to pair it

  6. Once the device is paired, you will see the notification below.

  7. Click on the "spanner" icon (screen shot above) and ensure that "Use for media audio" is ticked.

  8. Once that is done then try streaming music on the K1.
  9. If the audio is coming out from the K1 speakers. Ensure that the Music player app is not running in the background.
  10. If audio still comes out from the K1 speakers, hold power button and shutdown the K1 then power it back up and try again.











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