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How can you do a screen capture on Ideapad A1 tablet?

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Started ‎03-29-2012 by
Modified ‎03-29-2012 by


Is there is a way to do a screen shot (screen capture) on the Lenovo A1 like you can do on other Android tablets like the K1?  On the K1, you just press and hold the oval button on the display.


Unfortunately, the A1 does not have a built in screen capture feature available with the press of a button.


However, there are several apps reported by members in the community that can provide this functionality.


Option 1:


Here was an example taken with the app above.


A1 screen shot.jpg


Option 2:


Screenshot It by Edward Kim.  This has been reported by a Lenovo tech to work on ThinkPad and A1 tablets......Screenshot It   


Disclaimer: This is not an official Lenovo endorsement of either app, and is a tip based on community feedback and experience.