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Lenovo Staff
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I was trying to install an app from the Play Store when my A3000 tablet suddenly hung and I was unable to do anything - the screen is frozen, and I tried to power on and off the device, but to no avail.

What can I do?



One troubleshooting tip to address occasional issues such as the one listed above is to perform a soft reset of the tablet, where the A3000 is powered off and back on.


In soft resets, no saved data is lost, only applications that were running prior to you performing the reset.


To perform a soft reset of the A3000 tablet, remove the cover of your tablet and locate the button (circled in the picture below). Use a pin and press/ hold the button until it powered off.


Your tablet should be able to be restarted.



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have done this.But why did my application and browser change in to chinese language and application? when i open my A300 

please , i want help quickly my tab has stooped and its system goes down i want to download the os that suitable for my tablet model it's model is Lenovo Tab 2 A7-30HC