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I bought a new S8-50 tablet. I accidentally let the power run down and when I plug it in to charge, nothing happens. What do I do?


There is an over-the-air update available that resolves an issue sometimes seen when the S8-50 is drained of power and won't immediately power up when recharging.


To power up your S8-50:

Once the tablet is powered up, update to the latest image by going to Device Settings - System Updates and download the latest over-the-air update.  Running the Y8-50 tablet on image 50F_USER_S000146_1410101127_WW14_BMAIN_ROW_US from 10/16/14 or higher will resolve the issue.


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Hi lenovo team,

i purchase  lenove s8 50 yesterday only. when charging it with equipped charger. It charging with rate of 5 to 7  % per hour. Is that normal case with lenovo. If it not. Please provide solution to get rid off it.


Does anyone have a problem with the lenovo tab s8-50f dyeing really fast??? Mine only lasts an hour on battery anyone else have this problem?? 


I have a power connection problem as well. I have to connect the charger and press on the mini-usb end in order to keep it charging. How do I fix this? Can I replace just the mini-usb connector output directly from the device?


did anyone tried to downgrade a lenovo tab s8-50LC? i had a bad expirience using a lollipop version on my tab...
please teach mo how to downgrade my tab...


Don't use the supplied charger....I use one with at least 2.1a output and 5v.   Also a good idea to use DU battery saver, it will tell you what apps are eating the battery and control the charging rate in the best fashion.  many of these cheap chargers do not have a decent charge controller or the right a good one (Amazon).


Before anyone thinks about downgrading their operating system, try Nova launcher, I have it on both my S8 Ideapad and my Yoga2 tablet and it is so configurable there must be a setup you  will like, add a1.type keyboard app and you will definitely have a tablet you will like.