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Configuring Trackpoint in Linux

For easier configuration of the IBM trackpoint in Linux,Gnome users can install a graphical front end tool called "configure-trackpoint" package.It is available for Fedora,Ubuntu and Debian.


In order for the configuration tool to run,users are required to install a dependency package called "sysfsutils"


Installing sysfsutils  dependency package in Ubuntu 


1) Open the terminal and type in the command "sudo apt-get install sysfsutils"


2) Enter the root password 


After the sysfsutils package has been installed,we can now proceed to configuring and installing the front end GUI for  trackpoint configuration


Installing Trackpoint configuration GUI in Ubuntu


Go to the below given link to download the configure-trackpoint.deb file 






Open the package with the built in package manager.To run the application users need to open the terminal as root 



After running the above command,a GUI window opens up where users can configure their trackpoint settings 







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arzo On 2014-08-06, 14:23 PM

How about momentum implementation? (When I rapidly move finger on touchpad and then move finger up mouse pointer keeps moving).

Anonymous On 2014-10-16, 18:07 PM

How do I make it work on the ThinkPad S540 with Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit on it? Software Centre says 'wrong architecture' so I need a 64-bit package...

Bazinger On 2016-11-19, 9:07 AM

This thing hasn't been updated in 7.5 YEARS. In other words, it's long since been abandoned. Any alternatives for modern machines?

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