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Will the product recovery discs run in a Virtual Machine?




My new X200s comes with Vista Business preloaded and 3 CDs marked as "Windows XP Rescue and Recovery Disc", and "Windows XP Professional SP2 Product Recovery Disc 1 & 2", respectively. I want to repartition the disk, deleting Vista in the process, to install 64-bit Ubuntu linux, and then to install Windows XP either in VMware or VirtualBox virtual machine. The question is, are the provided CDs sufficient to make an XP installation in a virtual machine?



No, you cannot install XP in a virtual machine with the restore discs supplied with your machine. You will need a regular XP install cd and a valid key number. This has to do with the fact that the restore cd's would see a generic virtual machine BIOS instead of the actual Lenovo BIOS and refuse to install.

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firemanjax On 2017-04-17, 1:28 AM

I have a lenovo product recovery disc with Windows XP SP3 and I want to install it on my T500 2242 CTO laptop. The disc will not boot on the cd. I know the cd / dvd drive works because I used it to install a regular windows XP SP1 on the machine. With SP1 installed, It recognizes nothing in the machine because no drivers are installed. I have tried unsucessfully to install sound drivers for instance in the loaded XP SP1 OS but the driver loading program does not recognize the hardware. I figured the product recovery disc would be better because it has SP3 as well as all the necessary drivers. All I want is to get the product recovery disc to be recognized and start loading. Why is it so blooming hard?


BTW What happened to the wonderful old driver matrix page where I could just easily download them? 


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