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Accessing the Recovery Partition if Linux has been installed and the F11 button no longer works.


All ThinkPad systems with Disk-to-Disk recovery system partition with Linux installed


If the Recovery Partition is still on the hard drive, it can still be accessed. When Linux was installed on the system, the Recovery Partition becomes  a hidden partition, and that is why it can not be booted. If the system is a dual boot system, then it is likely that the user will want to hide the Recovery Partition again when booting operating systems other than Linux so that they may avoid accidentally writing to the partition and corrupting the original software.

To hide and unhide partitions, please modify your boot loader configuration.
Note: Before you continue with this procedure, it is recommended that you first become familiar with boot loaders and disk partitioning by visiting the following Web sites for more information:

For purposes of an example, this Tip will use the GRUB method. The GRUB boot loader uses hide and unhide commands to hide and unhide partitions. A typical grub.conf file is shown below, where hdX, Y, and Z need to be replaced by your specific partitions.

title Original Preload

hide (hdX,Y)
rootnoverify (hdX,Z)

title Maintenance Partition

unhide (hdX,Y)
rootnoverify (hdX,Y)


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