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Paper Tape
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Adding L380 Yoga to the LFVS

Hello Lenovo & community,


I wanted to petition for the L380 Yoga to please be accepted into the LVFS[1], so that GNU/Linux users can upgrade device firmware using their OS distribution of choice. I can see Lenovo has already embraced the LVFS project, having submitted firmware for many dozens of Think products; even very similar models to the L380 Yoga are supported[2]! Thank you very much for this gesture.


Please consider also enabling this machine for use with the service, to be able to upgrade things like hardware initialization + BIOS/UEFI, Wacom touch firmware, IR camera firmware, and the ThinkPad USB-C dock firmware, etc. I can see the NVMe SSD that comes with the L380 Yoga is already supported! Once again, thank you for your efforts, and for contributing to the libre and open-source community.


Kind regards,





Community SeniorMod
Community SeniorMod
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Re: Adding L380 Yoga to the LFVS

Hello and welcome,


In case this is a pressing issue - and if you haven't spotted this: it is possible now to update BIOS with a bootable flash drive using a Lenovo tool.  It's embedded in the Windows exe BIOS updater, so it takes a Win machine or VM to create the flash drive, and is a little fiddly - but it is possible.


Update ThinkPad BIOS with bootable flash drive



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Paper Tape
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Re: Adding L380 Yoga to the LFVS

Hi and thank you! Yes, I made a bootable drive after referencing the flash prep script, and redirected 2 USB ports to a Windows VM to update the Wacom panel. Having future updates provided through the LVFS would sure be nice, though!

What's DOS?
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Re: Adding L380 Yoga to the LFVS

I have just registered in order to support topic starter in his request but with relation not only to the Yoga version but also vanilla L380. Have been monitoring both this thread and LVFS device list since april (when I bought my L380 w/o OS with clear purpose to install Linux) and pretty much nothing have changed.

Nevertheless have to thank Lenovo for their commitment to free software. You guys are the best.

Looking forward.

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