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Punch Card
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Any linux user around?


Thank you for reading my post. 

 As I will certainly remove the orginal OS and isntall the Ubuntu on my Thinkpad I am looking to know whether any other linux user is around of not, and if yes, can you please share your experience about Linux on thinkpads?


- Is there any features of the thinkpad T61 15" with discrete graphic which wont work on linux?

- What type and model of web cam and crodless headset do you use with your Thinkpad either in linux or windows?



Fanfold Paper
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Re: Any linux user around?

Take a look:


Just asked my neighbours son for some 3D-Games to check out the thermal management under higher performance conditions. 


You will have to install some additional packages, e.g. for trackpoint-configuration and fingerprint-reader, and not each feature will work as you are used it to work. Experienced no probs with BT-devices so far. Considering its your first experiment I suggest a dual-boot installation. It mostly takes more than one setups to feel somehow familiar to the unix file system.

Smiley Happy

As Im less an expert in IT-stuff than most subscribers round here it doesn't seem to be too tricky ...



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Punch Card
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Re: Any linux user around?

Thank you for the reply.

I posted this thread in Thinkpad T series forum and administrator move it here, I was unaware that there is an special section for linux users.


It is my first laptop after several years that I was Desktop user only, and I decided to go with the Thinkpad series because many of my friends  told me that Thinkpad are among the best available options.


My desktop PC has one and only one OS, and it is Ubuntu (8.4 for now) so I should ensure that I am buying a laptop which my prefered OS can utilize all of its capabilities.


About cordless, It is almost the first time that I am going to get cordless devices like a headset, so I want to see what people use with their Thinkpads and I get somethign similar.





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