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I have a T61 ThinkPad and now I want to run ubuntu and winxp on it in a dual boot configuration.

Does it matter how I arrange the partitions? (first ubuntu then XP or the other way round??)


You may have to resize your partitions in order to install ubuntu..but the safer bet would be to install it on the ntfs partition as an image itself(if you want to use ubuntu 8.04) its much safer and does not require tinkering with your HDD....this could be the best method. Follow the two links below, as they explain what will work out of the box and what has to be done to configure devices in order to make them run.




This second link helps you in understanding how to install ubuntu 8.04 on an NTFS partition







This is the General partitioning schema followed while using a Dual boot system 


sda1= Restore partition

sda2= Windows Vista Preload

sda3=Extended partition that encloses all the remaining partitions.

sda6= Linux Swap 

sda7= Linux install

sda8= Linux Home

sda9= Extra EXT3 partition for third Linux installation. (currently used for Linux only storage)

sda5= FAT32 Storage partition readable and writable by both Linux and Windows.

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