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Do Lenovo make reliable boxen?

2012-09-20, 9:43 AM

HI I have been a big fan of my Thinkpads for many years (my first was a 600E).  When I went to Linux conferences I would say most of the laptops were Thinkpads.  IBM used very standard hardware. 

My question is whether or not it is still a viable choice to supply users with Thinpads?  Are they reliable?

My experience has been poor since Lenovo took over the brand, 3 out of 5 laptops broken.  Each requiring binary blobs.  Is it just because Lenovo has entered the cheaper end of the market? Is the X series as good as it was?  Do you still trust the brand?


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Re: Do Lenovo make reliable boxen?

2012-09-30, 19:35 PM

I trust the Thinkpad T, X, and W series especially.


As they have grown and expanded into other markets, they have had to cater to what people wanted. Lenovo has expanded its lineup, in the same way that Ford or Toyota or any other growing company will do. Each segment has its design criteria.  Do not expect a subcompact car to have the same components as an 18-wheeler made by the same manufacturer.  Do not expect a $200 netbook to have the same components as the


(Some people argue with the mythical notion that there should be no sacrifices made in any laptop, and that Lenovo should focus only on the absolute premium models only.  The laptop form factor, however, requires compromise by its nature, so the argument starts to fall before it can stand.  The "premium-only" business model is one approach, but I don't see many Duesenbergs in my neighbors' driveways.)


The Thinkpad (especially the T, X, and W series) continue to be Lenovo's premium laptop lines.  I consider them a better choice than comparable HP, Dell, Panasonic, or any other brand.  Whether they are exactly the same as earlier IBM Thinkpads is not an easy comparison, and also irrelevant.  What matters is whether you will be satisfied with THIS computer you are considering buying.  If you stick with the premium lines especially, I believe that you will.


Just a few thoughts...



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Re: Do Lenovo make reliable boxen?

2012-10-17, 8:11 AM



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Re: Do Lenovo make reliable boxen?

2012-11-16, 16:19 PM

I personally will never go with another laptop from Lenovo. The support is atrocious. Also with the BIOS issues Lenovo will not fix, e.g. the vt-d issue on Linux and discrete graphics....No thanks. The standard solution from their support center in Atlanta to every single problem I have phoned in is like a broken tape recorder 'you need to reimage your machine', that just plays on and on, for ANY issue! It's pathetic. There are also other BIOS related issues (search the forums) for which there are no fixes forthcoming from Lenovo, I think I say something about a UEFI and GPT issue. this VT-d issue and I know that there are one or two more...

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