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Paper Tape
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Hibernate is not working on T510

I have a lenove t510 i7 8GB ram on which I install Ubuntu 17.10 and has 8.5GB of swap that I allocated when installing. I followed this article steps but when I am running :


sudo apt install pm-utils && sudo pm-hibernate

Or press the power button to hibernate, the computer is not shutting down but it is going into sleep with only one option left for me of shutting down by force and then restart it loosing all my work.

I use my computer for coding hibernating one of the action perform everyday ...I am blocked ... I have been reading and I even posted the problem on stackexchange here with a complete details of every single configuration but I amI have not receive answer yet this is crucial for me....


I am thinking may be the problem is with my power management configuration in BIOS of which I don't know what it the rigth configuration, So I need help from LENOVO Community. Here is my BIOS power management :


BIOS_20171116_151932.jpgBIOS power management

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Community SeniorMod
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Re: Hibernate is not working on T510

Hello and welcome,


I've moved your post to the Linux forum for (hopefully) increased visibility to those who may be able to help.


I also removed the image that contained your machine's serial number.  If you'd like to include that image please re-post with the serial number obscured.


For reference, in that image:  BIOS 1.41, MT-M 4349A99, RAM 8192MB.



The large print: please read the Community Participation Rules before posting. Include as much information as possible: model, machine type, operating system, and a descriptive subject line. Do not include personal information: serial number, telephone number, email address, etc.

The fine print: I do not work for, nor do I speak for Lenovo. Unsolicited private messages will be ignored - questions and answers belong in the forum so that others may contribute and benefit. ... GeezBlog


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Paper Tape
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Re: Hibernate is not working on T510


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