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Blue Screen Again
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Is Thinkpad x280 safe for Ubuntu 18.04?

tl;dr Is the Thinkpad x280 flawless for Ubuntu 18.04?




I recently acquired myself a X1 Yoga 3rd gen with the hopes that I would have a nice experience running Ubuntu. Unfortunately, from day one I encountered issues with it:


X1 Carbon Gen 6 cannot enter deep sleep (S3 state aka Suspend-to-RAM) on Linux


Touchpad and trackpad work erratically after I close and open the laptop's lid (suspending and resuming). I need to reboot everytime.


Others that I found about online after acquiring the machine:

FYI - Linux May Not Support Thunderbolt Native Mode (seems to be solved)


Linux throttling bug (T480s)


And from Linux's side, poor consideration for touchscreens.


Sadly, I have no choice but to return this machine next week. I feel these are nice machines in theory, and I would be willing to give them one more try. I was considering the Thinkpad x280 and I want to run Ubuntu 18.04 again. I would like to ask if any of these issues persist, or any other issues I'm not aware of show up when running Ubuntu, or any other Linux distro.

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Re: Is Thinkpad x280 safe for Ubuntu 18.04?

Hi. I have a X280 running Ubuntu 18.04 for one month.


  • Suspend (to RAM) is working.
  • Trackpoint and touchpad is working after wake up. However the trackpoint is somewhat different than X201s. (way too sensitive for me and lack of precision)
  • I don't have Thunderbolt device to test.
  • I've done a test for the throttling. However the test is somewhat different as I use SHA512 for stress.


Please refer to Review for ThinkPad X280 running Ubuntu 18.04 (bionic) for additional information.



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