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Paper Tape
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Linux on Lenovo MiiX 320-10ICR

Hi all,


I tried to install Linux (Ubuntu on a MiiX 320-10ICR (since I dislike Windows 10 home because of it's really poor privacy).

I have read all the how-tos I could find, but without success.

step 1: shutdown Windows 10 completly (command: shutdown /s /f /t 00)

step 2: reboot into the boot menu (use: Power on + key volume up)

step 3:  diable secure boot and Platform Trust Technology

step 4: boot Ubuntu from USB

Also have a look at

Unfortunatelly he did use other hardware (I guess no USB 3.0)


These are the errors:

running /scripts/casper-premount ... done
then the system fails with:
creating debconf-communicate file mechanism [...]
usb 1-2.1: device descriptor read/64, error -110


The USB memory stick is fine, I am quite sure it's a USB-3.0 problem, butr I have no idea how to disable it.


Ubuntu-Version: ubuntu-18.04.1-desktop-amd64

Lenovo HW spec:

    USB Type-C 3.0
    2 x USB 2.0


Any idea is very much appreciated!



Paper Tape
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Re: Linux on Lenovo MiiX 320-10ICR

Because you are from Germany you can take a look at this post on ( It addresses many problems.


In general: Using Linux on Miix320 is a pain, especially the installation process. I tried a lot of kernels (4.15, 4.16, 4.17, 4.18RC) and different distros (Ubuntu, Manjaro, Debian) and install methods (USB Stick over USB-C and USB2 (over keyboard) W/ and W/O sd card plugid). All methods sometimes worked and sometimes failed.


So if the boot ends with black screen or error, try again multiple times and hope and ..... be patient.

  • If I have a SD-card inserted boot takes ~5min? until systemd gives up and boot continues.
  • Screen keeps black, wait and close screen to keyboard wait, open up, wait, try pushing power on button.

I give up for now with Linux on Miix320. Laptop mode works okay at best, but I'd like to use it as tablet.

Paper Tape
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Re: Linux on Lenovo MiiX 320-10ICR

Thank you fror answering.

I wonder if I only need to use a different USB slot. The keyboard has 2 old-style slots and the thouchpad has a new very thin one.

The problem seems to be the USB slots.


Though the Lenovo T-series is really good, I would never buy this piece of hardware again with the Windows-crap-OS.

Paper Tape
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Re: Linux on Lenovo MiiX 320-10ICR

I used the USB from Keyboard at first but you need only small shocks or vibrations and the connection between keyboard and tablet is interrupted (noticed it on a train first). I bought a USB-C to USB-A adapter and using the tablet USB-C 3.1 port ever since.


I just checked the daily build of Ubuntu Cosmic 18.10 with Kernel 4.18 and it works solid! The first 5 boots no issues at all, then two times the "screen keeps black" issue.



  • Sound
  • battery level
  • simple touch screen functions
  • multi touch on touchpad
  • auto screen rotate
  • WLAN
  • play youtube FHD videos in firefox

Doesn't Work:

  • multi touch on touch screen
  • dim background light
  • webcams
  • boot with pluged in sd card


  • stability, behavior after long runtime
  • desktops other than GNOME
  • battery live
  • BT


I havent installed to emmc, Linux live mode from usb only, so no optimising any configs or parameter yet

Background light and black scrren maybe fixable by setting acpi_osi=Linux and acpi_backlight=vendor in Grub.


I might give it another try in the next weeks.

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